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Extra Easy in need of some advice :/

Firstly, wasn't sure where to put this post as it concerns syns, but isn't really a query.. So sorry if it's in the wrong place :/

I'm really struggling to eat syns, firstly there's so much I can eat as 'free' food that syns just don't seen necessary, I understand that they're there to help me to stick to the plan without feeling deprived and so that I have something to cut back on if weightloss slows but I just am so full by the end of the day..

There's a deeper issue at play though I think, an issue with control.. I feel anxious at the thought of eating 'synned' food even on plan, I average 0-2 syns a day and when I have gone over this it's been for alcohol rather than food (3 gin and slimline tonics and one glass of wine this week rather than food.. I'm not sure whether it's okay to use my syns primarily on alcohol a couple of times a week at the pub or not?) Alcohol doesn't carry the same anxiety as it doesn't have a 'free' alternative, as opposed to the thought of a slice of toast or packet of crisps when I got have a hexb alpen light bar or piece of fruit..

I've even taken to synning food higher than I've heard.. For example if I was to eat a packet of mild cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce made with hexa milk, I'd call it 2 maybe 3 syns even though I've heard it's only 1 just to be 'safe' even when it's the only syns I've eaten all day.. And then any 'treat' syns and I feel like I haven't earnt them because I'm new to the plan.. There is also the fear that I wouldn't stop.. Which is irrational as I am satisfied on the plan and don't feel deprived, but it a thought that's still there..

Really am sorry for the long post, just wondering if anyone else suffered syn anxiety when they first started.. How they overcame this, how they eat syns now (in meals or as treats) and did less syns = less loss?

Thanks for any help :/
Beth xx
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Firstly, look at all the members on this board that have had amazing losses. They're testomony to the fact that having your syns works.

Secondly you need to start having your syns. You trust the free food, and you trust the healthy extra's so you need to trust the syns too. The diet will only work if you do all of it, not just bits.

You can use your syns on whatever you want, but i'd advise against drinking alcohol every day just to use your syns as there are other health risks there.

I don't know how to suggest you get rid of your anxiety about syns, but maybe try adding a couple with each meal in sauces, or some vey small treats throughout the day. You could always save them up and have a big treat each week too. Make sure you check the syn value too rather than guessing or over-estimating as you'll be doing yourself no favours by depriving yourself.
Only you can do it but you have to stop thinking of syns as bad (years ago they used to be called sins and this was changed to syns to stop this mindset of them being bad)
You need to plan them into your day and make sure that you have them. Starting off you could add them to meals, eat a little less free food to make sure that you can fit your syns in.
Syns aren't only there to keep you from feeling deprived, thay are there to teach you control over your foods too.
You might add some sauce, extra cheese or mayo to your meal using your syns. Occasionally I'll have a fish in breadcrumbs or a packet of Brain's faggots out of my syns and adding free foods to make a meal.
Syns are also there because life will get in the way of dieting sometimes! At the moment you're very new to the plan but after a few months you may well find that free food is all well and good but - for instance - wouldn't it be nice to have pasta with a different sauce to tomato or to have a nice thick slice of toast instead of one of those thin little bits from a 400g loaf. You will also have evenings out, celebrations etc where you want to enjoy a couple of treats. I think my point is that at some point you will appreciate having some syns so maybe at the mo count in some 'hidden' syns like oil for cooking or butter on toast just so your body is used to having them and later on you can use them for stuff you will appreciate more. It is fine to use your syns on alcohol if that's what you want to do. Syns aren't taboo - but it's a very easy mindset to have, I'm similar myself really but I count syns weekly and get a takeaway and a glass of wine on saturday to keep me sane and on plan! Good luck.
Having thought about it some more, I think I'm always nervous of some social occasion popping up.. As a student people are always having parties, or going out for drinks or meals and I'm anxious about having to miss out as I feel a bit new to it to give myself a flexi-syn day.. So maybe it would be better to save my syns a little if I think that I could have a social gathering on the cards..

Another think is, I'm anxious about not losing very much as I'm a size 14 and looking to get to a 10, so with only two stone to lose, I know progress will probably be slow.. So syns to me seem to be another factor which will slow me.. Although I know it's important that I do eat them so when I plateau I have something to cut back on..

In short, I'll try 'hidden' syns to make my meals more normal, but will always save some so at the end of the week I know I can go out!

Thanks for all your help :)

Why don't you just try it for a week. Give yourself 10 syns a day if you don't feel comfortable with the full 15. Hide it in food or have a g&t!

Trust in the plan, the syns are there for a reason, not just to stop you feeling deprived but to actually keep your calories up...if you consume too little then your weightloss will slow.

For the rest of your life you are not going to avoid 'synned' foods, and as SW is a life style change you should embrace them! Otherwise you run the risk of not keeping it up. How are you going to enjoy meals out and things without a few syns?

Tbh i think the anxiety thing will dwindle the more you get used to the plan. Once you start seeing losses and really having faith in SW you will relax a little :D
Why not have 5 syns a day, save the other 10 for nights out, as 70 a week is more than enough for a night on the tiles. Then if you don't end up going out that week you can use them for a treat instead.

Also, if you're worried about your losses slowing, increase your superfree food rather than decreasing your syns, as this will give you a boost. Body magic is also another way of boosting your losses with going without.


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having your syns will not affect your weight loss!!! thats why they put them there, also when you get closer to target you will find you may need to start cutting down on some things or your weight loss will come to a grinding halt

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