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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by amerry5588, 6 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. amerry5588

    amerry5588 Member

    I am now nearing the end of my second week of Lipotrim.

    1st week loss of 10lbs
    2nd week loss around 1kg.

    i am struggling with motivation now, though. I have been surrounded by temptation all weekend and feeling shattered. Also, I have terrible breath that does not in any way smell fruity, and a discoloured tongue. Does this mean I'm in ketotsis? What does ketotsis mean?

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  3. corlie

    corlie Member

    Hi ann ive only just finishedy first week (nearly anyway 6days) this isy first time on LT so no expert but from whst ivre read ketosis is when ypur body burns fat. Ive got rotten breath (i can taste it) the pharmacist showed breath strips i can have which helps also i bought keto sticks that showed i was in ketosis.
    Your doing great that amount of weight in 2weeks is great u must be really please with it xx
  4. amerry5588

    amerry5588 Member

    Thanks for that.
    Week 1 weigh in 74.9kg, will keep you posted after weigh in tomorrow. I'm sticking to it by the letter but the weight loss has definitely slowed this week. How r u getting on?
  5. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Hi how's it going? I'm on my first day. Vanilla for breakfast & strawberry for lunch, just deciding on which for tea lol! I know I'm going to find this hard as I'm a real foodie & love a nice cold pint, but I'm determined to give this thing ago. My stats are identical to yours so would be interested to hear how you're getting on if ok? I'm going to need tons of motivation

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