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In reaching distance of target....picture diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by gleggers, 5 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Well I am now 7.5 lb from target which seems so close yet so far away. I started SW in June 2013 and have lost exactly a stone, so compared to some my losses are very slow which at times can be really frustrating. I have messed around a lot in terms of finding the perfect formula for a good loss and I now believe that I need to be very strict with the 1/3 superfree rule. I hope that I am correct and that this will get me to target this summer. I thought it would help if I did a photo food diary so I can keep a record of what my plate looks like for each meal. So here goes. I will try and do every meal but may struggle on work days. Wed 5th March 2014: Breakfast: Apple Muller light Melon 2 x poached eggs on wholemeal toast (HexB) with 1tsp flora light (1 syn) Lunch: Chicken breast with Schwartz perfect shake seasoning. 1 potato made into wedges and salad with gherkins and 5 olives (0.5 syn) 2 tbsp log lighter than light mayo (1syn)[​IMG] Will post tea later.....
    Last edited: 5 March 2014
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  3. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Ps what is the best way to post photos as they don't seem to work direct from my iPhone
  4. hatchlings

    hatchlings Well-Known Member

    I like the look of your wedges! Must try this :)
  5. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Cheers. They are really easy to make and there are a few different ways but I made these the easy way - just microwaved a whole jacket spud for 10 mins, then sliced it into wedges once cooked, sprinkled with some peri peri chip spice then crisped off in the oven - gorgeous!!
  6. hatchlings

    hatchlings Well-Known Member

    Oooh peri peri yes!!! I love this idea :D
  7. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Tea: cider pork casserole


    Made by my dad from the Weight Watchers cookbook ?. Plenty of superfree though, but had to count 3 syns for the cider and cornflour in it.

    Evening snacks: 2 bags of ringos (7 syns), 1 ryvita (1.5 syns) and 30g cheddar cheese (hexA)

    Total syns: 14
  8. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Thursday 6th March 2014

    Breakfast: 35g Dorset cereals Simply Nutty Muesli with chopped banana and skimmed milk (HexA)


    Mid morning: muller light and another chopped banana
  9. Target_Rose

    Target_Rose Well-Known Member

    Hi here to subscribe :) we have the same goal weight and your food looks lovely in the pics x
  10. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks a lot. How far have you got to go to target?
  11. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Mid morning snack: hi-fi bar (3 syns) Lunch: birds eye baked to perfection salmon with lemon and herbs, egg noodles a and bag of frozen veg image-3394125727.jpg Mid afternoon: M & S skinny Americano and tiny side biscuit (2 syns) - I'm guessing there Tea: chicken stuffed with philli (2 syns) and wrapped in bacon, SW wedges and veg image-178783737.jpg Evening snack: ringos (3.5 syns), chocolate Freddo 4.5 syns Total: 15 syns
    Last edited: 6 March 2014
  12. Target_Rose

    Target_Rose Well-Known Member

    13 lbs to go! Have you figured out how to upload pics, I still don't understand how to do it :-s
  13. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Yeah I think so - I just pressed the plus button then attached the photos from my iPhone library - seems to be working now but didn't seem to work when I first tried - bit of a mystery!
  14. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Great 13lbs to go is fab. How much have you lost so far? (on my phone so can't see your stats) x
  15. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Friday 7th March: Green day today

    Breakfast: 1 banana, 2 x Linda McCartney sausages, 1/2 tin beans, 1 egg fried in fry light and some mushrooms (sf)


    Lunch: quorn Spag Bol microwave meal (1.5 syns) and bag of frozen veg (sf)

  16. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Afternoon snack: banana

    Tea: baked bean lasagne


    I ate half this size portion.

    Evening snacks: 40g cheese (hexA + 2 syns) on wholemeal toast (HexB) with tsp butter (1 syn). 2 alpen lights (hexb2) and bag of walkers baked (5.5 syns). - bit of a Friday night binge but all within daily syns.

    Total syns: 14
  17. yo-yo-dieter

    yo-yo-dieter Well-Known Member

    Just popping by to say hi and subscribing. Your food looks lovely. Good luck with your journey and getting to target xx
  18. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks a lot. Sorry for the late reply - I have been poorly xx
  19. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Sorry I haven't posted for a week, I have been ill with a sinus infection and last week went completely off plan - eating all kinds of horrific foods and feeling pretty disgusting. I went to group last night to draw a line under it and miraculously I had maintained but I had had a gain the previous week when I had been really good so I think it had all just evened out.

    So I am ready and rating to be back on plan - trying still to stick strictly to 1/3 superfree with each meal and not going over 15 syns any day.

    Breakfast - magic porridge made with 35 go porridge oats (HexB), activia 0% cherry yoghurt and frozen berries (sf)


    Lunch: quorn Spag Bol (1.5 syns), frozen veg (sf)
  20. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Oops pressed send before I had finished:


    Snacks: Apple, banana, shape crumble yoghurt (1/2 syn), mid-afternoon mugshot and 2 carrots.

    Tea: stir fry made with stir fry veg pack (sf), egg noodles, chicken, sweet chilli sauce 1tbsp (1 syn), soy sauce - will post pic later x
  21. gbatey

    gbatey Member

    Just popping on to subscribe! Love looking at other peoples pics of food for inspiration!

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