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In search of my ankles

S: 19st1lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 1st2lb(5.99%)
Ah sure, if you're on this site you know the stage I have reached. I'm sick of having clothes that are 2x hanging on the clothes line. As if hanging them to the extreme left or right side of the line will mask their enormity to my neighbours!

I am tired of not having the energy to play with my children the way I want to play with them, as now I actually fear breaking the swing set, should I dare join them in their fun.

I am disgusted with the fact that I cannot fit comfortably in chairs with arms, that I am dangerously close to running into the the end of the seatbelt in the car and that my mattress has a distinguishable dip on my side of the bed.

However, most importantly...I am nearing 40 and I am in no way, form or shape to be so flippant with my obesity while having heart disease in my family's gene-pool. I am just so sorry that I have waited this long to address this. Oh how I wish time travel was possible - I definitely would write a letter to my 13 year old self telling her that a size 12, in fact, is a number I now strive to be and that Kristen W. who made up the slam book in the 8th grade stating that I had fat legs, has been in and out of jail on drug possession and prostitution. Don't listen to her, she was bad news back then and she only got worse over time.

A friend told me about her hairdresser who lost 8 stone on Lipotrim in 8 months. Sounds fab, right? So I did a bit of research on it and found that you completely forgo food - wha-wha-WHAT?! Of course you could lose a stone a month if you stopped eating - but how extreme is that??? Back and forth in my mind on the logistics of it...do I, dont I, do I, don't I. So I decided to go and have a chat with the pharmacist to get to the real nitty-gritty as to how this works. And it was in the course of this conversation that it occurred to me for the first time that I have a food addiction. If there were a check list for someone with a food addiction, I would tick every single box. And with being the weight that I am, it seems so obvious that food addiction could be a culprit - but hand on heart it never occurred to me that I may have this addiction.

So after the pharmacist explained how addictions work and how after 21 days I will have broken the habit and my body will no longer crave like I do now - it truly seems like a no-brainer! Of COURSE I'm going to go on Lipotrim if it can help me lose the weight AND break me of my food addiction. (you're probably wondering by now how many more times I'm going to write out the words, 'food addiction' aren't you?!)

So here I am, I K-N-O-W I will be in need of support through this, as I cannot turn to most of my family/friends regarding this because this seems like such an extreme measure to losing weight. Yes, Weight Watcher's is the more healthy route - but weighing in at 19 stone (121 kilos or 267 lbs)...no matter how you measure weight - those are dangerously frightening numbers and the sooner I can get into a healthy BMI, the better -- regardless of the method! I'm sure I'll end up returning to WW after I've reached my goal - just to keep tabs on the scale and to reinforce healthy eating. But for now, I truly feel that Lipotrim is going to help me get to the root of my issues that surround food. If someone is an alcoholic - they can't have just one or two social pints per day...same thing with a drug addict (that's twice I've mentioned drug addicts now...I swear I'm not hung up on Kristen W...she can't hurt me anymore dang it! :eek:) and I can see the similar point for someone who is a food addict. Completely take it out of the equation - detox, get back to a healthy weight - then maintain with whatever support services are out there because I now realize that this will ALWAYS be an issue with me, always. However, now... I am determined to be in control over my life rather than spin out of control while shoving a cannoli in my face.
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You go girl... I am in the same boat! almost at 40, would like to think I could lose he weight in 8 months.. only time will tell..

lipotrim sounds interesting, let me know how you get on..

sounds as though, like me you have started a long and difficult journey.. with my will power REALLY DIFFICULT..

I suppose when I get to 40 and look back at the pics I will have my answer..

all the best and good luck
Simon x
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And it was in the course of this conversation that it occurred to me for the first time that I have a food addiction.
I know someone who turned a food addiction into an exercise addiction, do you think you could do that? It took loads of effort, but she did it and transformed her life.
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Good luck on your journey, all of us in the lipo forum are there for support should you need it xx It is possible to banish food addiction x

Take Care x
S: 19st1lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 1st2lb(5.99%)
Thanks so much everyone - it took me a bit to find all of these responses, I'm such a newbie! I am hoping to turn the food addiction into an exercise addiction at some point, but I am soooo painfully out of shape that even walking the dog a mile, I'm wrecked for the rest of the day. Before I had my 2nd child I was going to the gym 3x's per week and going to weight watchers - at that time I lost 60 lbs and got to a point where I actually enjoyed the gym- but I got plantar fasciitis in my foot and it became difficult to even walk! Not long after that I got pregnant and the weight piled back on...and then some. I tried going back to weight watchers after baby #2, but found it so frustrating, this fiddly new point system they now use - that and the fact that I would be starving all week and only be down a 1/2 a pound - that is so deflating when you KNOW you're working so hard to keep within your points and something like "that time of the month" jinxes you at the scale.
I suppose if I only had a stone or two to lose, sticking with weight watcher's would be worthwhile. But I'm looking at an astonishing 9.5 stone to lose! That's half my weight and a half a pound here and a half a pound there would be enough to put me back on the train to indulgence!
Tonight is my last night of solid food and surprisingly, I haven't gorged on take aways or cakes. My mind is in a very good place as I start this journey. I feel strong, determined and excited to tick the days off of the calendar as I meet the mini goals I have set for myself along the way. I have to say, this site has been a brilliant inspiration - be it reading others struggles, tips or viewing the before/after's... there IS someone out there who is going through the same exact thing I'm going through and isn't it great - power in numbers!
Ready or not...here I go!


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Good luck!!
S: 19st1lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 1st2lb(5.99%)
Thank you Irene, this site has been my life-line to success I just have to say! Reading how others are in this same boat, have the same weaknesses and struggles but are fed up with being overweight and are ready to do something about it...it truly does help knowing I'm not the only person in the world going through this difficult journey!

I've just completed day 3, which in time-line terms isn't too impressive - but it sure as heck is to me! It feels great to be proud of myself for a change instead of ashamed at the amount of food I have consumed in one day. I feel as if I'm gaining control back over my life, as food was pretty much the centre of my world.

'Tis true, Lipotrim is an extremely difficult diet and you really do need to be in the right place in your head to do it, but aside from feeling a bit run down I have to say I'm feeling pretty good! And I may be cracking up to think that in 3 days I could notice a difference in the way my clothes are fitting - but I could swear my jeans aren't cutting off my circulation anymore! ;)

I'm really excited to get week one under my belt and see in numbers how my determination is going to pay off. No scales in the house so there's no sneaky peeks, but I'm dying to know! I think the main reason I gravitated toward going the Lipotrim route is the weekly weight-loss. No guessing like I did with weight watchers. It's simple, you consume food, you break ketosis, you fail at the scale - no brainer. I can't say this would work for everyone, but so far so good - I sure feel like it's working for me!

And hey~ congratulations on your losses thus far! How awesome it feels to be over that half way mark! It's people like you who inspire me!

Hope you have a great and successful week!

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