In tears - help!!!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Mr & Mrs chubbychops, 18 March 2008 Social URL.

  1. Mr & Mrs chubbychops

    Mr & Mrs chubbychops Full Member

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    Sorry to be on a downer but sat at work in tears because I am soooo hungry. I am due my second weigh in tonight and have stuck 100% to this but the past four days I have been starving, not just in my head a physical feeling that reduces me to tears on a daily basis.

    I do not want to be a failure, I am so ready to shift this weight and I do want it to happen quickly ( dont we all) but it is making me so miserable, its all I can think about.

    Had a few days last week when hunger was not an issue and felt fab - have even uped the water from then but just feel so low. Really dont know what to do. Thought about the 790 plan but dont think that will alleviate the hunger pangs in the day. Why cant I do this???

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  3. Tinsel

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    Aww hun i'm sorry your so hungry, it doesnt help at all, i'm in week 4 and this week i've gone to bed hungry, but honestly drink the water when the feeling comes have a coffe - i put some choc tetra in my coffee and it defo helps, then when you wake up the feeling of not caving is is brilliant plus keep remembering day by day until weigh in, then a new week just keep taking it day by day, water maybe try the coffees as i find they do help and the weight will shift

    good luck x
  4. soule

    soule Full Member

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    You can do this!!! It really really does get easier if you can just get through this rough patch. Try and do something to take your mind of feeling hungry, drink loads of water and stay positive. Try writing down your feelings in a diary, include your good days i do this and it really helps. Talk to your cdc tonight about the other options. Good luck in whatever you decide x x
  5. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    Get a pack - split it into 2 hot shakes and have those either coffee or hot chocolate..... I've had days like that, specially in the first few wks where I had 4 packs a day and it helped my stay totally on track and it was also the weeks I lost well xxxxxxxxxxx
  6. doubledumplings

    doubledumplings Silver Member

    cambridge diet
    arrrrhhhhhhhhhhh i feel so sorry for u dont give up u did so well last week y dont u try spliting pack in 2 for a while so u can have more and maybe getting the fibre thing from cdc ive heard its great for feeling u up maybe that will help let us know how it goes tonight chin up hun itll get easier luv ash xxx
  7. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    Weight Watchers
    Hey hun,

    Please don't cry :wave_cry:.
    I split all my packs in 2 and have 6/8 small meals each day. It's only ever a couple of hours between shakes and in between the shakes I glug water (10-12 pints per day). I have all my packs hot too which also seems to help me feel fuller :rolleyes:.

    As T4M as already said, try adding an extra pack if you are struggling. Better to add an extra pack and stay in control than break and give into all manner of foods.

    The only other thing I can suggest is maybe trying a higher plan. On SS+ you can have either 4 packs + 200 ml of skim milk OR 3 packs per day + a 200kcal meal (green & white). Perhaps you should try this for a week and see if it improves the hunger?

    I am currently on SS+ (4packs + 200ml of milk) and loving it. I haven't felt hungry and the extra pack + milk makes all the difference.

    Don't despair there's a solution ;):D
  8. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet

    That's great advise.

    Is it only in the day that you feel this hunger, or is it in the evening too?

    Perhaps if you followed the 790 plan you could have your meal at lunchtime instead of the evening.

    I'm so sorry you're finding this so hard, I would stick with it as you should find week 3 will be a lot easier.

  9. NoMorePies

    NoMorePies Full Member

    Yes week 3 is when it gets easier, - you are allowed bars and they're great.

    Good advice alredy given above - have another pack, or drink some water, then drink some water and then, hmmmm, oh yes - drink some more water !

    Joking apart, constantly thinking about getting the water down does stop you thinking about eating.

  10. Mr & Mrs chubbychops

    Mr & Mrs chubbychops Full Member

    Slimming World
    You are all soooo lovely and helpful - made me tearful all over again (but in a good way). I have been having two tetras and a soup a day as it was easier for work. Hubby has been making his shakes in the blender for the past two days and they looked yummy. Got time off coming up so will try shakes like that as well.

    Will ask CDC about four packs a day and splitting them ( dont know how you do that though!) Dont drink coffee think I might take it up in fact I am going to try everything everyone has recommended and see what happens.

    THANK YOU ALL - I am going to give this my best shot, hope its good enough.


  11. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    I just empty my pack into a plastic bowl on a set of digital scales I got from Tesco which were £7 or £8 - far from state of the art.... I then split the pack into 20g's each which is equivilant to half.

    Though I have used the tetra's split as well - I luv banana coffee and chococoffee and you can get 2 thick creamy hot drinks from 1 tetra easily.

    Its just makes it seem like you are having more for some reason, I can last this way on 1 pack til 5pm-7pm when i go home for my soup pack, I just drink water inbetween and have the odd cup of peppermint t.

    Dont get upset - its just a little challenge that you need to overcome, nothing sinister xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    lol ash, im sorry but as far as typos go, that is a great one. if the fibre promises to 'feel you up' i think im definately gonna be having fibre more. lol

    louise i hope u start to feel a little better soon.
    i started drinking the bouillon which reminds me of a vegetable cuppa soup. its really tasty and i find that helps to make my brain feel satisfied.
  13. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

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    yes i was going to suggest bouilion too, bot got beat to the post ! it does feel like another soup
    good luck
  14. userfourtwenty

    userfourtwenty Banned

    I went to bed last night bloody starving, it was physically painful LOL! Today I have split my drinks up and that means I have six little meals a day, this has made things easier for me as I will have a mini shake about 9pm to get me through the night! Is boullion allowed on SS then? I'd sell my limbs for some pork crackling LOL!!!!!!!
  15. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    yep u can have boullion whilst SSing :)
  16. Vicx

    Vicx Reduction!!!!

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    Hi, hope you don't mind me adding my two penneth! When I did CD I really struggles with the Tektras -they never filled me up as much as blended shakes did. I also split them into 6 smaller ones like Dobbie and that made a big difference! Good luck! You can do it, just got to divert your way through moments like this. Vxx
  17. lynne

    lynne New Member

    in tears, help

    Think back to what made you embark on this journey - to feel better, improve health, confidence self esteem etc. Remind yourself of why you started this on this journey - and do that now. Look to making every step you take leading you nearer to goal - not further way from it. Less now can mean more later on. You are on a journey of becoming the person you want to be and you know that the effort you invest now will be worth it when you reach your destination. How ever many times you may have tried to lose weith in the past - make this THE LAST TIMe - it is SO worth the effort. If you've stuck to it already you can do it again. Keep sticking to it until your goal is reached - and you know that you can do this because the effort is worth the person you are becoming.
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  19. Sarette

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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    Everyone's given great advise, so I'll just send you some virtual hugs instead. Chin up, you CAN do this xxxx
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