In the 14s


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Hiya - week 6 WI this morning and ANOTHER 3lbs OFF :D

that takes me into the 14s - can't remember last time I was here and it FEELS FAB !!!

here's to another great CD-ing week....onwards and downwards ;)
Hi Debz,

Well done on another good weeks weight loss 3lbs. if very good.

And a big Congratulations on getting into the 14s:D :D :D

That is wonderful motivations for the week ahead.

Love Mini xxx
Well done!!
I know how great it feels everytime you jump down a stone.. you'll be 'jumping' again soon i'll bet! :D
Well done debz, thats's fantastic :D

I've got 1/2 lb to go and then i can say I'm in the 15's and i can't wait.

Looing forward to catching you up though and saying I'm in the 14's too (lol)

You're doing great hun, keep up the good work and you'll soon be posting that you're in the 13's
thanx guys - only just spotted ur replies :)

I love this forum - you are all fab !!