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In today's Daily Mail


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:) The pill that'll get you fit and you won't have to move a muscle.

A pill that makes the body fit without the need for exercise has been haild by scientists following astonishing test results. The drug fools the muscles into thinking they have worked out long and hard, which means they rapidly burn fat and boost fitness. It has been hailed as the couch potatoe's dream, giving the benefits of exercise without leaving the sofa.
Experts say it could combat ills from obesity to muscle-wasting diseases. Even the frailty of old age could be eased by the dug's muscle-building powers, the US scientists believe.

The drug is known as AICAR and it boosts fat burning processes, A second drug, GW1516 produced even better results when used in conjuntion with regular exercise.
It is thought the drugs reprogramme the muscles, boosting the number of fat-burning fibres and allowing them to contract repeatedly without tiring. They flick a 'master switch' in muscle metabolism increasing the production of 'slow-twitch' muscle fibres.

AICAR also raiseslevels of an enzyme that tells muscles they are running low on energy and need to burn some fat. This version has alred been tested on humans to see if it can prevent a particular complication of heart bypass surgery. The other drug is being tested as a cholesterol lowering pill however tests have been halted over concerns about safety.
Dr Colin Waine of the National Obesity Forum, called the research important but added that at the moment the best way to tackle weight problems was with healthy eating and increased physical activity.

I wonder if they will ever be released to the public?:)
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absolute rubbish!!!! To get fit it's purely down to exercise.... it really irritates me when people feel the need to sit on their bums all day and let a pill do the work??? the feeling of coming from the gym after a work out is such a nice thing and a pill.......?


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there's another thread about it somewhere around that i've written on. the pill actually has a lot of health benefits etc that aren't highlighted until one sentence at the end of the article. it's a great scientific breakthrough that will give lots of health benefits to lots of people in different ways. i don't think it should be given out to people who don't want to exercise however. it's been shown in the press to be this miracle weight loss and fitness cure and that's not what it was designed for!!

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would be great for people who cannot excersize ( as they say muscle wasting disorders, those in wheelchairs etc ) but whats the betting someone will market it as the latest diet pill?
does that mean that your body goes into mini spams like when you put on a slendertone belt or a tens machine?...omg i dont think id like that involantary spasms...hmmm...i wonder if this is as well a hoodia gourdini...theres always going to be something...a very sceptical diddy lol...

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