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In week 2 and STILL feeling hungry!


Loooooves MiniMins
Hi Nessie....are you drinking enough water??

Also, have you tried spacing your meals out more and dividing them?
I usually start my day with a litre of water as my "breakfast", then around 10.45 I have a bouillon and a can of coke zero and another litre of water. I have "lunch" around 12.15(ish) - a shake with some p husks in it and another litre of water....tea is at 3.15(ish) and I have a chocolate tetra brick and another can of coke zero and supper is at 8.30 (after Daughter is in bed) and I have another litre of water with a bar.
I really don't feel hungry and I thought I would!!!

I hope this helps you.

are you really hungry?, I mean is your stomach rumbling? if it isn't you're not hungry, just craving eating something hun


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey Kerry-Ann, I have a ltr of water in the morning too, have 1st shake around 11.30/12.00, 2nd around4.30/5.00 and the last one at night around 8ish, drinking 4ltrs of water throughout the day, I wouldn't say I felt starving but hoped I wouldn't feel hungry atall by now. Going to get some bars next week though.
Hi Nessie.

The bars really do fill you up! I put mine in the fridge and it takes me ages to eat!!! Remember to drink water with it, as they make you thirsty.
Try and take your mind off the feeling of being hungry by doing something - surf the net, gardening, cleaning, ironing whilst watching a video/DVD (that's one of my favourites, as I can rent an new one each time I iron! Lol!) or something I swear by is dancing.
I teach Ceroc Jive to beginners and love it. I even have my Daughter who isn't 2 yet dancing in the lounge to music!!!
Basically, think about something other than food! It can be done...I didn't think I could get as far as I did again as I'm a re-starter...but if I can do it...anyone can!!!

Come on Hun....drink that water, put some music on (if your'e at home!) and dance like a looney!! I definitely recommend that one!!!



Loooooves MiniMins
lol thanks hun, I have to say I'm amazed that I'm not actually thinking about food much, just that rumbly feeling, having 1st shake now so shouldnt feel too hungry for a bit. Ironing with a DVD is a good one I love doing that too.
I know what you mean about thinking about food!! I do occasionally get a rumbly tummy, but I ignore it! You also have AAMW to look forward to on your 4th week, and you can have chicken then!
I'm looking forward to week8 when I can have it again!!!

You will loose the weight....just try not to think about food!


Loooooves MiniMins
Looking forward to AAMW, to sit at the table with family again would be great!

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