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In what body-part order have you noticed losing weight the most?

Just curious, I noticed it coming off in this order....

'beer belly'
double chin

Still not seen any change in my fingers or upper arms or bum

isn't it weird what you lose fat off first?!
I mean shoulder? who uses the fat on their shoulders as the primary source of energy?!! lol
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not so str8 or narrow!!
thats so funny tho because although my back has lost the most its my shoulders second! then tummy and thighs but not my boobs - they'll be huge bazukas forever lol


Doing Slimming World
My thighs are what I have lost the most and quickest off. I'd say my shoulders are a close second and I don't know about the rest! Still feels huge to me everywhere else.


not so str8 or narrow!!
thats so wierd - did either of you feel like you had any fat on your shoulders coz i didnt realise until they got smaller all of a sudden!


Silver Member
I couldn't say, I dont see much difference but according to my family its my shoulders too, I thought it was weird when they said it as I never thought of shoulders as somewhere carrying a lot of fat. I noticed it on my bum and wrists but nowhere else.
that's really strange! I had no idea other people would lose it off their shoulders as well! And your right, I had no idea I was carrying any weight there. Interesting. I would have liked it to have come off my face first, but I suppose it's been worth the wait now I can see some facial definition
Yeah, mine was all top down too

Yes I agree with shoulders , i have a bone there now ya know.lol


Wants to shed pounds more
'Ello sis - mine are in the following order

Waist - I know its only 3 inches but it feels like a foot lol

Face - My god, I have cheekbones that I havent seen since 1492

Arms - Strangely enough I dont look as if I have Posh's thighs bolted to my shoulders anymore

Chin - I dont look so pelican-esque anymore

Fingers - those lil sausage rolls are pairing down at long last

Very little off of the bum which is strange, but the legs are generally starting to show improvement - I can at least zip my boots up :)
For me it seems to be going from my face and neck first. Then my waist and hands. My boobs seem to be shrinking too. Usually I am left with a lovely top half and a MAHOOSIVE REAR!! with equally MAHOOSIVE THUNDER THIGHS! all sitting on top of tiny ankles!

For us larger ladies, what do you think we should wear. straight skirts or a line or flaired?
Its my dilema of the day!
PS Today I HATE myself in the mirror!
Lynne x


Must do it this time
For me it was all from the top down,i would have liked it to have come off my legs first but hey i wont be picky!!
There's always one to be different..... i would love to lose it from my shoulders but its gone from my waist, face, neck, boobs, ankles, fingers and thighs, so i look quite odd and lumpy at the mo. Also, has anyone else found that whilst for example my thighs were fat they were quite solid, now...they are so wobbly and my tum is the same! Whats that about?



Laugh in the face of food
Here's my order:
Face (including my chins - now only have the one & it's quite pointy)
Shoulders (I find this odd too, but mine were massiiiiiiiiiive)
Tummy and bum (in proportion and evenly)

My stubborn bits are many though:
Back flab grrrr (want this to go down soon)
Under arm sausages
Calves (still look like giant hams)
Bingo wings.
Boobies (they can stay at DD cup as far as I'm concerned, I luv em)

Oh no, I've made myself sound like an out of proportion freak, but I'm actually more in proportion now than I was before.


Mistress of the Dark
Here is mine:

Wrists (watch keeps spinning!)
Bust (gone up a cup size though :confused:)
Upper arms

I still have the most horrendous bingo wings!!!

thinkthincd, i have noticed that too :( i don't want to be a jelly!

I am now a size 20 on top and a 24 (still) on the bottom...how mismatched!!! x
lol i thought i was going crazy when i was on SS first time round. i lost it quickly off my face and shoulders. if u see a head shot pic of me then i looked like a skinny girl! [ignoring the full body shot, not many of them]

and i lost alot off my legs. i didnt loose any on my boobs [really wish i wud!] none on my tummy, well i felt i hadnt cos my tummy still looked big to me, but other ppl said i had lost weight all over...

im looking forward to looseing it all over this time.
Chest(i'm a bloke so happy about this)
Area below stomach(ello mate)
Arms although ive been doing weights so they are about the same
Finally the lump of meat at the back of my head is going, the bit that mad me look scary and hard especially when I had my head shaved.


Laugh in the face of food
I am now a size 20 on top and a 24 (still) on the bottom...how mismatched!!! x
Don't worry Gem, I'm the opposite way round, my top is 18/20 and my bottom is almost a 14....I blame my boobs, but at the same time I'd rather they didn't shrink, so I can't win lol. x

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