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Inauspicious start

Hi guys

I had my first LighterLife session last night - i left excited at thought of gaining some control over my weight.

So today is Day 1 - it started off well but about 1 hour go started feeling very dodgy.

My mouth has felt fuzzy all day, but nausea hit me in a big way and i had to run to the loo to throw up - obviously the only thing to appear was liquid. :wave_cry: Felt better after that though.

Still have one more foodpack to go.

I wonder if it was my body reacting to the large amount of water?

Please tell me its going to get better!!!!:sigh:
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Hi Lemma,

Lots of us have very weird reactions when we first start, but I can assure you it will settle down. You body is having quite a shock and everyone reacts in different ways.

Well done and good luck for the future you sound very positive so dont let it worry you.
Thanks for that.

One more thing - i would really like one of those fancy ticker things - any clue how to get them and use them? I'm not the best on computers!!:p
Oh dear you are asking the wrong person, but I think if you click on someones ticker then you go to the site, failing that there is instructions in tutorials.

BL is usually good at it so hopefully she will see your post.



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Hi Lemma
It does get easier I promise the first two weeks are not easy, but you know it gets easier and easier until one day you just think its normal.

And come and chat to all of us on here believe me we have all had a moan and a whine and more importantly a celebration when weigh in's go well.



Back to the grindstone!!
Hey, keep reminding yourself why you are doing this. It is worth it! Believe me. The first few days will be the hardest whilst your body adjusts to not getting all the carbs and sugar it is probably used to. Headaches and the like are very common. Grit your teeth and take it from those of us that it does get easier and that once your body kicks into ketosis that it will be a doddle!! Promise.
If you want a ticker, try clicking on mine and it should open a new page and you should have the opportunity to start a new ticker.
They are great for motivating you!!
Good luck and stick with it.
I'm hoping that i have a ticker now.:)

I have made my last foodpack into a chocolate bar. Its in the freezer as we speak. Another 15 mins and it will be ready!!!

One word of advice - don't watch Masterchef when you are flaming starving!!!!!:rolleyes: I did and have had to leave the room.
LOL Lemma --- strangely you'll probably find as you get into the diet that you enjoy watching those programmes and even that you enjoy cooking for others ---- it really is wierd :)
:D I don't like cooking for others when `i'm not on a diet.

Can I just say that the frozen chocolate bar is seriously.....yukky!!!!:p

It may be cos I have sinusitis so have no taste or smell. The texture was just very, very odd.:sigh:

I am missing flavour of any kind - its not the fault of the dietplan.

I am looking forward to trying the Thai chilli soup when my tastebuds return. Sadly, its been 10 days since i tasted food. Its amazing how much smell and taste affect your enjoyment.

God luck all. xx
Hi Lemma, i promise it does get easier. If you could have heard me on day 3 and 4 i really though i wouldn't be able to continue as the carbohydrate withdrawal really knocked me for six. The support i got from here was invaluable and kept me going especially knowing that is was temporary. Now in my second week and have had so much energy i shock myself! I'm not hungry and feel on top of the world!!!

Hope this helps you along!! Good luck honey xx :party0011:
Thanks for all your words of support.

I am taking it literally hour by hour, day by day.

My shake this morning was ok - can taste knack all but it was not objectionable. When will this infection go? I want my taste and smell back.....NOW!!!!!!!!!

Trying to start on my oodles of water. Golly its awful.

I'm going to get some sparkling stuff today to ease me along.;)
Good on you Lemmie before you know it you will be on here giving other newbies advice.

You can have tabasco sauce it is legal, but be very careful as I didnt realise how hot it was until i glugged into my chicken soup, one or two dashes is enough unless you are a hottie:D
What about the tickle then.

By the way well done for getting your ticker up:D


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You've got a great attitude! First few days I was miserable and stroppy. Good to see you still have your sense of humour!

Lots of early nights and warm bubble baths and you'll fly through the first few days. :D

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