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Inconsiderate So & So's


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I am beginning to hate my neighbours. Ever since we've had the nice weather every blinking weekend they have a BBQ. Dont they know im on a diet :D If there's one thing in this world guaranteed to make you miss not having proper food its definitely got to be the smell coming from one of these....Aaahhhhhh

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LOL! I can relate to that! Think on the brightside though...Once you've lost your weight thru LT and go onto maintainence you'll be able to BBQ to your hearts content!
When you refeed you too can do it....I had a couple of BBQ kababs this week, a lot of effort for 6oz of chicken but so worth it mmmmmmmmm I can smell it now lol x


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mmmmm bbq mmmmm


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How very dare they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn BBQ'ers...you can guarantee they r men as well cos they cant seem to use a conventional oven but are Gordon Bleedin Ramsay in summertime! lmao....stick a peg on ur nose hun x


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ummmm BBQ.. Sharon runs off to check the weather!! DOH I forgot I am ssing again.


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mmmmmm all that lovely food cooking on a BBQ i can't wait, even got myself a new one, just need to start eating so i can get it out the bloody box lol


Loving LT!!!
mmmmmm all that lovely food cooking on a BBQ i can't wait, even got myself a new one, just need to start eating so i can get it out the bloody box lol
LOL, that is so funny, we bought an inbuilt one which is currently residing under the stairs, I won't let my dh build it cos I'm not allowed to eat from it so i decided no one can he he, we had a bbq a few weeks back and had to borrow one!!!
T x


Loving LT!!!
Further to my last post, can I just emphasise(sp?) the fact that I did not partake in any feeding from the said cooking instument!
T x
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God I can relate to the damn bbqs! My family have had one every weekend / roast for the last 4 weeks and of course invited me, partner ( who my mother obviously thinks will starve to death while I'm on LT) to go along too. I sat there munching my revolting coconut flapjack whilst everyone scoffed their faces...humph. Mind you, I did for the first time look at the spare ribs and think how disgustingly greasy they were...maybe the LT has mind altering effects afterall...lol!!!
justin from a giant feast of a family and friend BBQ, and not a morsel passed my lips :)

Still i was oogling the chicken kebabs and cumberland sausage..... /I think when i come off Lipotrim in winter i will be BBQing!!


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Thankfully I live in the inner city so amn't subjected to BBQ smells too often, but I do live in an apartment block, and I have some Indian and Kuaiti(sp?) neighbours, and they cook the most amazing smelling spicy dishes, and I have to smell it everytime I'm going up or down the stairs!



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You need to move to Manchester hunni...no BBQ's here!!! Too much bloody rain...hasnt stopped for days!

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