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  1. sams8406

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    I have an eating out guide and find it useful when go to resaraunts but when i get a takeway i dont order currys etc i like a large white box (thing) filled with chips, cheese and donner meat with sauce :( i know it is absolute crap but its addictive and i think about eating it all the time, any idea how many points would be in it?

    also wondering about large silver dish from chinese takeaway filled with chips and curry sauce?

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  3. nicoleaimee

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    about a million :-( wherre i live its called a munchy box and its about 30points eeeeek
  4. Smirky

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    erm dunno about the curry, but chinese one i have also but with rice, chips and curry sauce, i normally say 5 points for rice, as a normal full tray is 10, and it's about half and then i weigh chips as 170g = 7.5 points and the curry sauce apparently people point the same as the chippy one which is 2 !
  5. sams8406

    sams8406 Member

    so 14.5 for a portion of chips rice and curry sauce? yum, mind u i would usually have half a bag of prawn crackers and make wee sandwiches using 2 at a time so that would add about 10points :(

    a munchy box where i am from is a pizza box filled with donner meat, chips, mixed pakora and salad (for good measure) is that what u get from yours? i was meaning a rectangular white box, smaller than a munchy box

    i want one of those machines that u put food into blender then into machine and it tells u the calories :)
  6. Smirky

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    with the munch box i think the best thing to do is point the donner as whatever it is; i did copy a list of chippy items around somewhere on another thread in points part, and then when you get the chips weigh them until you have 170gs or if you want more than do that but remember to add on extra as 170g = 7.5 and then i think pakora is on the indian list so you can work it out from that :)
  7. Smirky

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    just in case;

    Portion of Chips (normal) 9.5
    Portion of Chips (sml) 7.5
    Chicken and mushroom pie 9.5
    Steak and kidney pie 10
    Beef and Onion pie 12
    Sausage, large 2.5
    Jumbo Sausage 5
    Saveloy med. 4
    Saveloy Lge 6.5
    Cod in Batter, Med 7
    Frankfurter, medium 4
    Frankfurter, large 6.5
    Fried Fishcake 3.5
    Plaice in Batter 8.5
    Haddock in Batter 6
    mushy peas 2
    Sausage in Batter, 1 med. 7
    Battered Cod Roe 6.5
    Scampi 6
    Chicken Portion deep fried no skin 6
    Curry Sauce 2
    Onion Gravy 1
    Pickled Gherkin 0
    Pickled Onion 0
    Pickled Egg 1.5
    Tartare Sauce per sachet 0.5
    Tomato Sauce, 2 sachet 0.5
    Mayonnaise, per sachet 1.5

    Mixed 8
    Lamb Doner 7
    Lamb Doner with Pitta & Salad 9.5
    Lamb Shish with Pitta & Salad 6
    Lamb Kofta 2.5
    Chicken Doner 4.5
    Curried Lamb 4
    Chicken Doner with Pitta & Salad 7
    Chicken Seekh 4.5
    Chicken Shashlick 4.5
    Chicken Shish 1.5
    Chicken Souvlaki 5
    Pork Souvlaki 7
    Lamb Souvlaki 9
    Lamb shish 3.5
    Marinated Lemony Lamb Kebab 17
    Chicken Shish with Pitta & Salad 4
    Spicy Sausage 8
    Pitta Bread 1 med. 2.5
    Naan bread 1 medium 6.5
    Marinated Tuna Kebab 3
    Mayonnaise, Kebab House 1 tablespoon 2
    Tzatziki 1 small tub 1.5


    Balti Dahl 8
    Balti chicken korma 21
    Balti Chicken Tikka Masala 21
    Balti chicken 18
    Balti Fish Curry 15
    Balti lamb 21
    Beef kurmah 18
    Beef Curry 18
    Biryani, chicken 21
    Calamari 10
    Chicken Pakora 6.5
    Chicken kashmir 23
    Chicken tikka 1 point per piece
    Chicken Biryani 21
    Chicken ceylon 19.5

    Chicken dhansak 17
    Chicken dopiaza 20
    Chicken jalfrezi 19
    Chicken korma 21
    Chicken pasanda 22
    Chicken Saag 17
    Chicken madras 20
    Chicken vindaloo 19
    Chicken tikka masala 21
    Chickpea curry 7
    Tandoori chicken quarter 3
    Tandoori chicken (half) 6
    Tandoori king prawn 4
    Satay chicken 5.5
    King prawn madras 19
    King prawn vindaloo 18
    Lamb biryani 23
    Lamb korma 23
    Lamb raan 12
    Lamb rogan josh 22
    Lamb pasanda 24
    Curried lamb pastry 10.5
    Prawn chilli masala 20
    Prawn biryani 26
    Prawn ceylon 18.5
    Prawn dopiaza 11
    Prawn dhansak 16
    Prawn jalfrezi 18
    Prawn kashmir 22
    Prawn Chilli Masala 20
    Prawn korma 21
    Prawn vindaloo 18
    Prawn pasanda 21
    Prawn Saag 16
    Prawn sambal 8
    Meatball curry 9
    Vegetable Biriyani 19
    Vegetable Curry 10

    chicken pakora is in there, states 6.5 but i dunno whether you would have same portion in the box as a main meal, so just point it according to amount you have :)

    tbh i'd say anything between 16-22 ish points all depending on the amount of chips you have etc :)
  8. sams8406

    sams8406 Member

    maybe should just stay away from it, i dont think there is any diet that would allow chips,cheese and donner meat. would be too good to be true espically if i want it more than once a week ;)
  9. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

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    if you did your own chips or had less than 170g, did your own cheese WW one or something different but low, and change to chicken doner?? or even have your lamb doner its allowable just need to limit it and also save up points during your week to allow for it also :)
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