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Indian takeaway - what would be a healthy choice?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by sarah5, 30 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    Chicken tikka (plain)? Just planning ahead for Thursday night girlie night in - we're also having wine so I'll need to save all my syns for that night methinks!

    So red day - chicken tikka, salad and small portion of rice?
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  3. monkeys bunny

    monkeys bunny need 2get my head into it

  4. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    Oh you're an angel, I've just had a read through and got lots of suggestions, thanks hun x
  5. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    i'd go green and fill up on rice and salad, then pick veg side dishes like bombay potatoes, chickpea/lentil dahl, etc. :D

    ...and try and eat free foods all day, so you're healthy extras and sins are free'd up for your indian.
  6. Wicked Witch

    Wicked Witch Full Member

    Like Karen I go green and stick to boiled rice and veggie side dishes. If you want bread - chapatti is wholemeal and not to syn heavy. I love dahl and always ask for them not to add any extra oil or ghee (they often add that at the end of the cooking). Saag (spinach dishes) are lovely but obviously paneer cheese needs a hex a.
    Yummy - making me dream of Indian takeaway now.
  7. Sophs

    Sophs SW Angels founder member

    Oooh glad I've seen this...Is vege balti high in syns?
  8. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    ooh i'm intrigued by this, i really thought plain chicken tikka would have been the best bet (as a red day), so do you think lentil dahl with plain boiled rice then would be a better choice?

    interested to know for future reference too as i had always thought plain tikka would be a better choice than something like lentil dahl?
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