Indigestion/Heart Burn on CD? How on earth?


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Hi all.

Been on CD a while now, and love the fact I no longer suffer with upset stomachs or constipation any longer! But last night I woke in the middle of the night with such bad indigestion pains - like the acid reflux type of condition I suffered from when I was heavily pregnant and just after giving birth. Well I am not heavily pregnant or just given birth, and usually it was caused by eating slighty spicy foods!

Haven't suffered for more than a year, even on CD am eating the same soups bars and drinks etc, so why on earth is it all starting again. I feel that slight burn again now, so wondering if im gonna have to take something - and will it knock me out of ketosis! I always thought it was related to food, nothing else? Maybe I am wrong!
I find I have phases of awful indigestion while on the packs too. I take Zantac when it happens as they seem to be very effective and don't affect my ketosis levels at all. Always read the label etc!!! It's available in Superdrugs and Boots. But also Rennie etc now do Sugar Free versions and I found they didn't knock me out of ketosis either - but I had to take more of them so I thought it might slow down the weight loss.
Like you, I have no idea how I can eat so little and get such dreadful heartburn - seems unfair!
I got it too, and I could link it to certain packs usually, orange bars killed me!! Gaviscon is ok to use and was a real help for me, but I did retain water slightly when I used it x
Thanks, I had to take Rennie in the end and it knocked me out of ketosis!! gutted! Especially as they didn't work! Ended up with a trip to the pharmacy for zantac, which really helped well. Hopefully ill be back in ketosis today now! Argh!
Just got a stinking cold now! Must have lowered my immune system recently!

THanks again