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Indigestion so bad it made me vomit!!

I've had indigestion on and off since I started 12 days ago, but last night's was so bad it made me vomit!
I only had fruit Rennie's in (which I've read contain citric acid) or Zantac, so I read the Zantac packet and it seems ok. By this stage I was desperate I had one, but does anyone know for sure if they're alright?
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hey, what packs are you having? i suffered with it so bad i had to take omeprazole from the doc..

i find the vegetable soup and boullion starts it off..


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Hi JoKay, Sorry to hear youve been feeling rough!
I've had the fruit indigestion tablets on a couple of occasions and to be honest id rather take the tablet and pay the consiquences than suffer with indigestion.
Hope your feeling better x
I've had to give up the soups cos although they taste alright going down, they repeat on me and I feel quite unwell.
I've been on shakes only for about 3 days, but still get indigestion, and have had to give up coffee cos that does too!!
I can't believe that one little pill is going to make a difference, so I won't hesitate next time!!

By the way, 2nd weigh in tomorrow!!!
If you are suffering then take someting, dont wait, I had chronic indegestion, I would sit and cry as I thought I was going to die.

Bars crippled me, chewing gum crippled me, and mushroom soup, its worth experimenting to see if you its any particular flavour that gets to you more.

I drank gaviscon advance to help me, and it had no effect on the diet at all. but if it did, then I would rather lose 1lb less per month than have that pain again.

Big Hugs, its an awful pain, but dont suffer, take something x
Try the mint rennies if you are worried about the citric acid, have you tried the tetras, I find them grand, I had terrible nausea / indigestion on all the shakes....

Sorry to hear you've been suffering. I had a client who suffered badly from acid indigestion so rang Cambridge HQ who suggested splitting the packs throughout the day, so instead of 3 shakes having 6 smaller ones at regular intervals. And of course take them with plenty of extra water:cool:

This really helps and if you still feel uncomfortable from time to time an antacid is fine to take.

Hope you soon feel better:)


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