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Must do it this time
I cant say i do hun,im actually the complete opposite,my heartburn just seems to disappear.Sorry im not more help but i have read of others on here that have suffered with heartburn.
Hope its gone soon for you


In it to win it.....
Losing ten percent of your body weight will help with reflux. Being over weight is a cause for people ! ( me sadly!)

Avoid smoking, tomatoes, chocolate, coffee, alcohol and spicy foods! Eat smaller meals at regular intervals, and not less than three hours before bed. Prop yourself up in bed to sleep. Loosen any tight bra s, denial doesn't help ;)

Other documented self help remedies are ,
cider vinegar - tea spoons of
Turmeric is a proven wonder supplement it s also an anti cancer supplement
Manuka Honey- 10plus (also good for IBS, sore throats, open wounds) again proven

Keep a trigger diary.

Failing all of the above

If you get reflux all the time, go to your GP. Eighty percent of all stomach problems are a result of a bug called HPylori, also known as Helibactor. It's a nasty little bug which tricks your immune system and hides in your stomach lining and it causes persistent heartburn. Which just gets worst and worst. It can be diagnosed with a blood test or a stool sample test and it is eradicated with a strong mix of antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor (antacid)

For more info, google any of the above, it's just a quick outline for your immediate attention.

Hope this helps.. Jan x

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