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Inexplicable gain on 1st week of ProPoints

I had my weigh in today and I put on 1.5 lbs :cry:i am seriously miffed, cause I actually stuck to the plan (or "embraced" it as they kept saying...). I forgot about old Points, weighed my food, counted everything. I even used a ProPoint calculator, whereas before I just used to use the chart in the discover folder and have a rough guess. I just feel like I am eating too much, especially with fruit on top of my 29 daily points, but if this is the minimum which we are supposed to be eating for healthy nutrition...I am baffled. I am trying to make sensible choices, eating things like vegetable soups, lean protein, haven't touched chocolate or love hearts, I always used to have a couple of cheeky packets a week on Discover. And I have eaten more fruit but definitely haven't been bingeing on it. If anything I have been overestimating my points cause I was worried that I was eating too much.

I put on 1lb at the start of November but I was terrible and could pinpoint exactly why, I was completely off plan.

I lost 4.5lbs on my last week on the old plan, and I didn't do anything particularly out of the ordinary. One of the helpers weighed me today and couldn't really explain it. I said, almost tearful (I must grow up...) "I really don't know why, I followed the plan, found it easy to follow...", so she told the leader to have a chat with me. She said it's either my body balancing itself out after last week's loss :)confused: bloody great, it may as well balance itself out back to my starting weight and I shall be fat for life), or my body getting used to the new programme, which to be frank sounds like codswallop to me. I don't usually drink alcohol but had a couple of glasses of wine last night, and a cocktail earlier in the week, but I did point them so stayed in my allowance. If this plan is supposed to be so liveable then a couple of drinks shouldn't make a difference. I am so so annoyed!

My leader urged me to stick with it for another week and see how it goes, but I feel so defeated. I finally found something that worked for me and then they changed it. If it doesnt work out I could go back to old Points on my own, but the issue was I am too weak to cope on my own and I always fail. Waah waah waah... I'll stop ranting now :D
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I agree with starlight, we have weeks where we put on and I think your body was just adjusting to the new plan. I think you should expect a loss on your next weigh in
I'm guessing that it's just your body catching up with the great loss you had the week before. Do you measure yourself as well as your weight? Maybe you've lost a few cm but it just doesn't show up as a weightloss?
4.5lbs is one hell of a loss last week. Maybe this wasn't all true loss and you were not holding on to water that you usually do or something. You ahve lost 3lbs over 2 weeks and that souns pretty good to me. Wish i could say the same, and I too, ahve been a saint. Chin up, onwards and upwards. I promise, I do know how you feel. But please don't let it sway you off track this week
Alcohol = water retention especially if you don't drink and had it night before weigh in , you know there's 5pp a glass of wine that's 10pp!

I lost 3 stone on 5 months match 1st to July and since then 11lbs in 4 months, I am v goid on plan have only had 10 no count days in near 9 months and had 4 gains.

I had big losses one week 5.5lbs the following week gained 2lbs like saud the 4.5 ln loss may not be a true loss , I always go by a bigger picture months fir weightloss and as said too measurements. I lost just 1.5 lbs in October but lost 8inches, (I exercise alot).

Think it through and don't forget it can take 2 weeks to show up this weeks hard work, like a bad week can take 2 weeks to show a gain, I've heard many people say wow I was reall bad and lost then the next week they are good and gain just because it takes time to show up.

Concentrate on Christmas and carry on doing what your doing double check things like bread, if you have 2 slices anytime of day it's not just one slice doubled as 2 slices are more than just one doubled.

Maybe cut down on carbs etc ?

Thank you guys for all your sensible thoughts! I am sticking to PP again this week with gusto and will see how it goes. I also happen to be off work this week so have a bit more time to sit down and get my head around it (plus have bacon and eggs for breakfast :D).

Size102b, you speak so much sense, especially about the wine I had the night before weigh in! Probably did cause some water retention. Plus, 10pp, that's shocking when you think about it, more than a third of my daily allowance. I would have been better off having a dinner! The wine went straight to my head as well, I fell asleep on the train haha. Damned Friday post-work drinks and Saturday morning weigh ins...

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