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Hi guys,I'm on lipotrim at the moment and i went to the doctors regarding a foot sprain and got talking about my weight and eating as the pills need to be took with food so I started telling her I was on lt. She said she would be quite happy to see me for orlistat. Is anyone else using it? How does it work,side effects? Results etc... She told me to go away and think about it more and come back if it's something i want to do.

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Hi fun1uk!

There are some really good info threads on her about how xenical works, and the possible side effects - they effect people in different ways, but the quickest way to say is to keep below 45g fat per day (15g fat per meal) and keep an eye on fat content per 100g, and try to keep below 5g of fat per 100g.

I went on lipotrim just before I got married. (lived of the chocolate shakes, they were quite nice!!)
hi, i would recommend the xenical, it has really helped me alot!! You wont experience the side effects once you stick to the low fat rule of no more than 5g fat per 100g!! You will get great advice and motivation on here. It works by getting rid of 30% of fat from your food, and if you eat too much fat then you will get the dreaded side effects!!
also on xenical and since march 11th have lost 23 lb.

i know the shakes work really well for a lot of people but they wouldn't be for me because i think i would just put the weight back on when start to eat normally so would just be a quick fix for me, xenical has got me to the point where i have a heightened awareness of cals and the amount of fat in food, and also has planted a germ of suspicion in my brain about foods with a lot of fat in them that i think i will carry with my long after i stop taking the tablets,

the very least you can do is give it a try, if you don't think it for you afterwards then can just go back on lipotrim either way its your goal and your life so entirely in your hands, good luck in whichever decision you make

lou x
Yeah Xenical does make you learn your food.. Its really great to have that awareness of how much fat goes into your body if you are careless !! I'm so shocked at some of the fat contents in foods I would just randomly eat every day !

I personally have lost 10 llbs in 3 weeks.
For the first week, I wasent working out.. But last week I was using my rower and going to Zumba, so lost a little more.

They are a good bunch of ladies on here and very supportive... ! x
Xenical is a great way to re-educate yourself about food......don't think of it as a diet but a lifestyle change......I bought The Alli Diet Plan book and The Biggest Loser cookbook and go between the 2 for recipes............:)

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