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Information needed!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
It doesn't work like that!

I have found that CD alters body composition not just weight.

I have lost just over 6 stones in weight.

At my current weight I was previously a size 24

I am currently a size 18!!

Have lost weight in different places and have kept my boobs!

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I have found that CD alters body composition not just weight.

Have lost weight in different places and have kept my boobs!

Exactly the same has happened to me :D I lost weight off my hefty thighs right from the off.....usually the last place to go, if at all!?!

And I, too, have retained my bra size......good job as I bought 3 rather expensive 32E bras just before my wedding in August!?! :D
It definitely doesn't work like that! I've got another 3.5 stone til goal and am currently at the weight many other CDer's are starting at. From reading other threads some of these people at the same weight are size 18/20+, I'm currently a size 14/16 - in fact I've just got back from the sales where I bought a size 12 dress thats a perfect fit. My point is, theres no logic whatsoever to the weight/dress size ratio - I'll be a size 6/8 at this rate by the time I get to goal!

MM x


Gone fishing
I seemed to stay at 14/16 for ages. For about 3 stone if I remember rightly. The first few sizes I moved through much quicker.

thankyou Ebay


Gone fishing
Oh, and if you click on my gallery piccies (just under my username), the first piccie with the white top, I was in size 16. Nobody ever believed me though unless I showed them the label:rolleyes:
Like others have said, it depends on the individual. However, just for your information, one of my close friends is about your height, a size 12 and weighs approx 11 stone.
Tis indeed a different kettle of fish for most peeps. I am 5' 8" weigh 10st 4lbs, and I am size 10 (stretch) jeans, size 12 (combats, and posh trousers), size 12 t-shirts (yet a 36D - 36DD bra). So it really depends on where you lose it from. Dunno if this helps. I am also almost 52 years old (in 3 weeks or so) so a lot may have "gone south" lol. xxx


Wants to be a loser!
I am 5ft 7in (and a peanut) and am currently 11st 4lb and wear a size 12-14 depending on where I shop! Although in Topshop I still need their size 16 trousers :rolleyes:.

As STBG said when you lose on CD your body composition does change - I previously considered myself to be pear shaped and as it turns out there was an hourglass shaped me hidden inside :p. I seem to be carrying more lean tissue now as although I am a similar weight to before I "grew" I look and measure much smaller now.

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