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****ing Fuming! But I WILL NOT EAT!!


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So at work today I find that a so called friend rather than "putting in a good word for me" as he claimed actually schemed to muscle me out of a job and take it for himself :eek:

It wasn't a promotion or anything - its actually the same role that we both do now but working from a different Centre - the reason I wanted it was that it would mean - due to the roster pattern - we wouldn't have to work over the Christmas period.

My parents are coming to visit from the Caribbean for my brother's wedding and it will be the first family Christmas we will have had since 1998 so was pretty bloody important! He knew this! He knew that my dad (who has suffered a stroke in the past and never travels) would be unlikely to ever visit the UK again. He knew this would be the last family Christmas we would get all together - and the first time my Dad would spend Christmas with his grandson (my nephew) and yet he still shafted me :mad:

To top it off - he is already rostered to have Christmas off so didn't need to change Centres at all (other than no one at our Centre can stand the sight of him!)

I'm so ****ing angry its beyond words! I refused to even acknowledge his existence at work at changeover today. He knows he has done wrong as he sent a pathetic text message (that wasn't even remotely apologetic) that I've not responded to. I've deleted him from my Facebook.

The biggest change - which I wanted to share with you all - is that this kind of betrayal would have sent me straight to food and/or wine for comfort - but not this time :p put that in your pipe and smoke it!!
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sounds like a horrible person - good on you for not going for the wine/food!
daisy x
Good for AJB. He'll get his dues.
So sorry, but you do find out who your true friends are. It would have been different if he's said - sorry hun, but it's important to me to and I'm going for it. It's the back stabbing that hurts.
Hopefully you will still be able to enjoy a super slim family time at Christmas anyway. No wonder you are so motivated. xx


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Thats awful AJB....what an a***.
Well done though for not eating...that must have taken some willpower.
You should be proud of yourself:)
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What a d**k!! I can feel the steam coming out of your ears from here!
I find that the kind of people that operate like that usually do get it back in some way - what goes around comes around and all that.
Maybe you'll find another way to get some time off with your family? Perhaps they could "shift" Christmas to to another day so you could spend it together?
At least it proved to you that you don't need to turn to f**d/d***k in times of extreme stress! x


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What an absolute twat! God some people rile my up so badly!! I'm so amazed that you were so restrained, not sure I could handle it so cooly!

Well done for not turning to food/wine!!! Shows how motivated and dedicated you are!


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I actually feel pretty angry on your behalf! But well done for not eating - it's so hard to stick to a diet when something like this happens.
How awful those kind of people make me seethe with anger. Be proud that you did not attack the junk as a result of his nastiness. People are so strange. Hopefully someone else will swap with you.


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Thanks guys - good to know I have your support to turn to on here and somewhere to rant - couldn't really do it on Facebook as so many of my friends on there are work colleagues that know him - no doubt the little toad would have reported me and I'd be the one in trouble!

Very pleased to have stayed abstinent despite all the stress - though it did manifest itself in another form - my skin broke out in a terrible rash all over my arms and legs - saw doctor this morning and she was all for putting me on antidepressents after I had a mini-breakdown in her office - but I've opted for counselling - I need to find another coping mechanism that doesn't involve food and drink or I will not be able to maintain my new weight when I get to target.

Its really been a lightbulb and turning point for me - onwards and downwards :D


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Wise words indeed as always SB ;)

I'm off to visit my family in Yorkshire this weekend - so looking forward to seeing my nephew and getting hugs galore :D I've never gone so long (6 weeks) without seeing him so I'm beyond excited!

Plus I've got my first bridesmaid dress fitting - happy times indeed :)


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AJB just remember what goes around comes around. He will get his come-uppance.

Well done girl on staying strong and not having any food or drink. Proud of u x
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I am so impressed that you didn't comfort eat. I have realised that I was comfort eating in times of stress. I felt why shouldn't I eat a lovely big chocolate cake when others are being cruel or mean to me but actually it's a subliminal way of reinforcing a belief that the other person is better than me by acting like a glutton.

Like you, I am now going to rise above it and I must say that I hope this man gets his come uppance and chokes on a turkey leg at christmas! ;)


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Yes I am so pleased not to have succumbed to the comfort eating demons, feel like I'm making real progress and bodes well for RTM :D


Gotta Make A Change
He'll get something harsh in return

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