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Initial weight gain, adjustment?

Hi all,

Im just wondering if you could help me with this?

I always weigh myself; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I always do it at practically the same time and always on the same scales. Given that I know our bodies weight fluctuates throughout the day.

Now, I weighed myself in this morning and it seems I have put on a 1lb. :confused:

I did have a mini 'blowout' Sat night as I was starting Atkins WOE yesterday (Sunday)....BUT I know that, that couldnt have caused it and on my Day 1 Induction I know I only consumed 1200 + some calories. So I KNOW that isnt it either!! Not that I count the cals, but it appears in my tracker.

Also I do workout 5-6 days a week. Do alot of weights too etc.

I have been drinking tons of water. Im dead thirsty, plus its hot. I consumed about 1.5l this morning alone at the gym.

Do you think I'm retaining water? Does this happen before you go into Ketosis? Like an adjustment period? lol

I really feel loads better already, kind of 'light and flowy' and not particuarly hungry either.

Thanks to all who answers :)
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Yeah it could well be water retention, and it could also be muscle mass considering you work out a lot. try, if you can, to weigh in just once a week and you'll see the difference. Well done on getting going!
Yeah, this is why you shouldn't weigh so often. Weight fluctuates constantly but over a longer length of time it will take one direction.:)

leanne, is there any chance of you weighing in...just once? lol. You're bound to have a good one! Go on go on go on! ;)
Yes, I think I agree!! I only did it because Monday was my original day, then Wednesday my mother-in-law does hers....and so I would do mine....Then Friday my mate would do hers...so AGAIN I would do mine...this all takes place at the gym btw. Its like a routine now pmsl!

But yes, I agree! I'm not too worried because my clothes feel loose and thats the main thing!

It was just a shock, I think because I've been slogging my guts out at the gym!

Thanks for the replies! I feel abit better now :)

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