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Insight into dieting and maintenance

Morning All

Last night I watched Claire Richards (from Steps) Slave to food and it was her battle with jojoing weight and diet. In the programme I finally discovered why I've never maintained my weight loss.....

Claire went and saw a physiologist about her eating and why she jojo's. The Dr said that the reason why she gains the weight after losing it is that she has no further goal to work too.

Everytime she goes on a diet, she has a goal and target so she has focus and a regime to keep her eating properly. She successfully reaches her goal but because she doesn't have any further targets/goal to keep her weight stable and follow a maintenance she ends up going back to old ways and gaining weight.

This made me realise this is what I've done in the past!!!!

For the three times I've dieted I've always had a target, 1st) losing the weight for my job, 2nd) losing weight as I was a then new relationship and 3rd) losing the baby weight after my first DD. Each time I got to the goal weight and purpose but as i never had anything else to keep me focused the weight crept back on.

The Dr said that when she reaches her goal weight, she needs to learn to be able the maintain her new weight.

Now I'm armed with why I've Jojo'd, I've decided that when i get to my goal weight I'm going to give myself goals and rewards. So maybe if I've kept my weight for 3months I treat myself to something nice, then 6months, 9months a year.

It really helped me and gave me a great insight. I know how to eat healthy and really the 'diet' is how i eat normally, I just have too many snacks in the days, like crisps, biscuits and maybe a cake. I need to keep the control of the amount of snacks I have now intact and give myself goals.

Sorry for the long post, it was such a revealation for me and I wanted to shared :) x
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I watched this too. Shocking what the mag said tho!! It's actually put me off buying it ever again.

It was nice to see someone being so up front and showed me I'm not the only one who struggles.

It will be good to see if she gets back on track and keeps the weight off.

Glad it made u realise where you may have gone wrong in past :) good luck for gettin to goal x
Im not sure, I felt maybe he was acting up to the camera (but then he's prob never been on tv before so maybe why!). I think he really does love her no matter what size she is. I also find men sometimes do not have a clue what to say to use women I just dont think they get the whole diet thing when they love u whatever size u are.

Does that make sense?? lol sorry im about to leave for work but wanted to comment here :) this site addictive haha
O no I missed it ...that's just like me I've yo yo'd with the same stone for years and I need to stop what side was it on and I'll see if it's repeated xxx

I'm just reading the beck diet solution its fabulous and you follow which ever diet your already on just sorts your head out xxx

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Awwww Thanks I'll go and sky + it now and watch it in the morning xxx

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Thanks girls I watched it god she's just like me ....hope I get some answers xxxxx can't wait till Wednesday when it's on again xxxx

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