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Hey Ladies and Gents,

I have a had 3 rocky,emotional weeks and luckily have only put on a 1lb in those. I went out with friends last night and felt truly uncomfortable all night and then a nasty man made a comment about me and I left in tears. When I got home I threw away anything and everything that I just shouldn't have in the house & today so far has been really good and syn free.
For dinner tonight we have having fish pie & steamed veg, I have made sugar free jelly for pudding.

My partner has moved out and I haven't been cooking proper evening meals because it's just me and my little boy and we have just been picking.
Any ideas for quick easy meals for 2? He eats the same as me.

I am 7lbs heavier than what I was this time last year I have been in the same stone bracket for a year and I'm starting to give up hope. I try really hard and it doesn't show on the scales and then I go off track :cry:
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Sounds to me that you need to give yourself a break and not be too hard on yourself.

In relation to a stupid man who made nasty comments - that is moer about him than about you. If the only way he can feel good about himself is to put someone else down then he is obviously a rubbish person himself and not worth giving another thaught to.

My quick after work meals are egg chips and beans pasta with tomato and veg sauce chesse stuffed bacon wrapped chicken and stuff I can bung in the slow cooker before work so I can come home to dinner ready made and just need to boil the kettle and make up some cus cus.
It sounds like you've had an awful few weeks :(
Most of the food I make I make for myself. I either cut down on the amount of stuff needed for a recipe or make the whole thing and put portions of it in the freezer for another day.
One of my favourite things to make is veggie chilli-Quorn mince, onions, peppers, refried beans, & tinned tomato's chucked in a pan :D Served with rice and/or sweet potato wedges!
I'm a bit rubbish with recipes tho so I will leave it to everyone else to help you there.
Just couldn't read and not post. Look after yourself.xx
i hope things get better for you, and you start feeling better with yourself.

I had a run-in with a moron when i toook my wee girl to burger king for a treat a few weeks ago, i wasn't having a good day to start and this stupid kid in his teens made a comment about 'thunder thighs', i saw red and went mental.

have you tried the marshalls macaroni in the box? i sometimes add turkey rashers to it browned if with a bit of cinnamon, great for a quick meal.

i have started bulk cooking into portions for freezing to make life a little easier, many a night it is just me and my daughter, find i cant go wrong with baked potatoes
Awwww hun you sound like its been a rough few weeks :(

Sod that man from last night - the idiot isn't worth your tears x

As for recipes - what plan do you tend to stick to? I stick to red days & can offer a few idea's for that if you like?

I make Cottage pie (topped with carrot & swede)

Cheesy Mince (yummy from the original cook book)

Loads of idea's on here I have got in the recipe section to - love the quiches, chicken cake (like meat loaf), KFC style chicken.

I think chicken casseroles are nice & easy to do in the slow cooker too if you have one.

I also cook whole chicken's in the slow cooker then you can either have it with a roast dinner or a chicken salad.

HTH a bit - Keep your chin up!

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