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  1. Slickchick

    Slickchick Member

    I am on week 5 of Cambridge diet and have just come back from a weeks holiday in Mallorca. I just want to share my experience with everyone. I was absolutly petrofied, but equally determined, that just because I was on my hols, I was NOT goin to destroy my chances of sucess on the plan, but at the same time I wanted to have a really lovely holiday. For 6 nights, I walked into a buffet dinner, with every food, bread, cheese and pudding available, with equal amounts of alcohol on offer. And but I stuck to my guns and had a tetra for breakfast and lunch, lots and lots of water and coffee and for tea I had a plain salad with plain chicken. Not only did I have a brilliant holiday (no hangovers and plenty of energy to play with the kids), but I came home bronzed and thinner than when I went away!!!! Just been weighed today and I have lost 5lbs! Back on SS again now and very happy and proud of myself! So I hope this is inspiration to all C dieters, its hard at home I know, but if I can do it while on my hols........u can all do it!

    Keep going........the prize is within our own hands and we gotta grab it!
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  3. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    Very well done to you! xx
  4. Slickchick

    Slickchick Member

    Many Thanks Sarette....ur weightloss is also an inspiration! U have done AMAZIN! Ur nearly there!
  5. charlotte_k

    charlotte_k Silver Member

    well done x x
  6. Slickchick

    Slickchick Member

    Has anyone else had to have a holiday yet? What did u all do to cope? x
  7. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Well done you. thats fantastic... it must have been hard for you but so worth it I bet you feel fantastic and so much better for it too..
    I am off to Euro disney in a few weeks and plan to take everything with me too. Im on ss.. so plan to stick to it.. I personally wont let anything come between me and cd right now.
    Good on you. x
  8. BKC1969

    BKC1969 Full Member

    Well done - truly amazing.....
    Im not going on holiday until October time when hubbi back from Afghan for good, so hopefully would have lost loads by then.
  9. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    God that's pretty amazing. I think it's all about being prepared isn't it. If you take your packs with you then you're in the right frame of mind. I have a family gathering back in Ireland next month and I'm def taking my packs with me. I have no problem having them when others are eating. I'm used to it now.

    Great to hear you did so well. Very jealous of your tan!!!!! and greatloss fo you too well done x
  10. furrysmudge

    furrysmudge Gold Member

    Well done hun...........thankyou so much for posting this!! xxx
  11. well done! I'm off to mallorca, (Palma Nova) in a month and planning on SS+, good to know it can be done :)

    don't s'pose u swam with dolphins or sealions whilst there? Just trying to get info and not having much luck ;)
  12. Luci-De-Milo

    Luci-De-Milo is going to do this!

    Well done! That's amazing, you must be so proud, and such a fab loss too!

    It disappoints me slightly when people on minimins go off CD whilst on holiday, I know it is difficult but it's just food and you don't need it, CD gives you everything you need, and you just make things harder for yourself when you get back.

    Your way is much better - those who eat on holiday, come back and have put the weight on, so whilst they enjoyed themselves for two weeks, have got to go through the hardship of losing those pounds again. You've proved not only did you still have a fab time whilst on holiday with CD, once back you get to feel great from then on too.

    A great inspiration, well done :) xxx
  13. soon2bslimmer

    soon2bslimmer Full Member

    Well done, Slickchick! I had a similar experience over Easter, was on holiday for 2wks in Portugal and had taken all my packs with me plus my handblender ;). Ate out twice but was very sensible, no puds/carbs etc. Missed 2 WIs being abroad but at the next WI I had still lost 5lbs, so I was chuffed :D. You have to be determined to stick to this diet, but when you do CD ROCKS!

    Have moved upto 810 now, but still have 11lbs to shift :eek:.

    Soon2bslimmer x
  14. Lin18

    Lin18 Silver Member

    You did very very well, and a 5lb loss, well done.
  15. Double Dee

    Double Dee Full Member

    Well done chick, keeps us all going xx
  16. binibikini

    binibikini supposed to be working!

    Wow that is so inspiring! Very very well done!!!!

  17. X_lisa_X

    X_lisa_X needs motivating

    well done x

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