Inspiration please?


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I am getting married on 16th July 2010 and I need to lose about 3/4 stone for me to feel beautiful on my special day. I had managed to get down to just under 14 stone last january and then i moved in with my h2b and contentment set in. I do have bad eating habits and have realised these past few weeks that I have put on 2.5 stone since then through bad eating habits. The problem is I cannot seem to get it shifted no matter what I do. I have joined a body conditioning class (high impact aerobics) and my local gym (unlimited use) and have been going for the past few weeks. I text my local CDC last night and am waiting for her to return my call. I am hoping that I can manage to lose 3 stone in the next few months and have managed to lose 5 lbs through watching what i am eating :cry: Feeling very discouraged as I had hoped to have a stone off by now. Hopefully the CDC will get me on track.

How much does CD cost per week? And does anyone have any motivational tips to get me started!

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Depending on what you buy, the average is about £36 - £38 per week and you can lose a stone a month, more in the first month. The best thing to do before starting is to cut back on the carbs and this will help ease you into the diet without too many problems.

If you need inspiration, click on "Inspirational Slide Show" which is to be found in the big blue bar across the top of the site.

Good luck hun with your weight loss journey x x


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Well done on already getting rid of 5lb Christine, CD should really help you to lose the rest in time for your special day. Have you been looking at dresses and accessories for your wedding; that should help to inspire you if you have a visualisation of exactly how beautiful you will look!
Good Luck x


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Firstly, congrats! You'll definitely get the weight off with CD. It's tough but fast.