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Inspiration Pls!!


Call me Nicky xx
Dinner you could have Chicken Breast stuffed with laughing cow triangles wrapped in bacon served with roasted veg. Then strawberries and yoghurt for dessert. I am not great with lunches as I just have salad normally. xx
You can get hold of some sushi from Sainsbury/Marks/Tesco, they are pretty low in syns, and the vegetarian packs are only lik 1 syn for a whole pack on a green day.

Also the Ainsley couscous packs are also great, and you can add stuff to that to bulk it out, like chopped cucumber, tomatoes and red pepper.

Also for both days, use your bread as your healthy extra and make sandwiches, i like a ham salad, and instead of butter, i used one of my laughing cow extra light (from my healthy extras).

It will be interesting to see what the other ladies come up with x


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If I am not that fussed about food I have something easy like Ryvita minis and cheese and salad
or something like tinned mackerel in tomato sauce with a salad is fairly light.

An omlette maybe but put some sliced babybel lights on top and grill..again serve with salad but if you hungry by then have some SW wedges with black pepper on them


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Right TY ladies!!

Im gna have my cous cous that I have spicy one....

Lunch - sarnie with sum filling of sorts! x

Im gna do the bacon tomm tho YUMYUMYUM!X
I chop the top off two red peppers, stuff with made AH spicy couscous and put in the oven for 20 mins. The best lunch I have had for ages!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I chop the top off two red peppers, stuff with made AH spicy couscous and put in the oven for 20 mins. The best lunch I have had for ages!
i'm gonna try that sometime, but i'll add some quorn pieces and mix a healthy extra low fat grated cheese into the couscous before i put it in the peppers:D
ooh, I love cous cous & sweet corn in peppers, with chunky pieces of red onion and chunky chopped toms baked seperately (along side the peppers). It's been a fave meal of mine for a while now but I make my own sauce to mix with the cous cous.... will have to work out how many sins are in it. Also, I add chedder slices on top and OMG it's soooooo gorgeous. At least the chedder can be a hex a. oooooh, I've got my mouth watering now... must be time for my breakkie :D xxx


Is so very nearly there!
my cous cous was lush last night but so gna try the red pepper oven idea - brill thanks! 1x
Have you tried John West Tuna Light Lunch with sweetcorn, Pasta, Water Chestnuts and peppers with Lime and cracked black pepper its 3.5syns per 240g serving on a red day or 8.5syns on a green day and i just add some tomatoes, grated carrott, cucumber and lettuce - gorgeous!!!

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