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I am going to ibiza at the end of august for 2 weeks. I was 15 st 3 when i went last year and i was constantly self conscious. I dont want to feel that way when i go again this year. Also i have concerns about my health, and although I am pretty healthy now, if i am to stay this way, how long before it really does start affecting me? so those are my reasons :)


Here we go again!
My main reasons were that I'm 40 next year, so I have to do it now!

Last year I went on holiday I was nearly 17 stones, so hot and uncomfortable all the time, I knew I had to do something.

I also have two daughters and wanted to set them a better example where food is concerned. I also started going to the gym and wanted to get fitter while I was at it. I now love the gym!

We hadn't booked this year's holiday when I started this so the aim to be smaller on hol only kicked in after about a month. So glad I've done it though cos we go in 3 weeks.


I will be skinny again!!!
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Mine was because I was fed up of having no confidence left and felt horrible about myself!

And none of my clothes fitted me anymore and I lived in one pair or work trousers and trackies!


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My main reason for starting LT was my holiday, although I was just fed up with being fat and uncomfortable, having no confidence etc. After years of half heartedly dieting my head was finally in the right place to really do something about it......so glad I did too!!!!!


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I climbed 8 flights of stairs in a multi-storey carpark and had some sort of asthma attack brought on by weight and exercise. After that I wheezed badly after any sort of exertion and it really scared me. I've now lost 23lbs and the wheezing has just stopped - I can't believe that weight would make so much difference. I don't feel much fitter yet but planning to start exercising this week with Davina dvd and hopefully that will soon change.

Other reason is to look better and feel comfy on hols in 3weeks. I went to Majorca in April and when I lay on a lounger I was almost suffocated by my own boobs!!!

So that was the 'need' but the actual inspiration came from this forum.

Thanks everyone!
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My Nan passed away because she was too big to have an operation. She would never have got off the operating table had she gone ahead so she didn't, she just suffered, became even more ill and in the end passed away. I helped take care of her towards the end and I decided that I didn't want to ever have to make a decision like that in my life or end up in that situation where an operation could have saved my life but I couldn't have it done because of my weight so here I am....

Good luck everyone :)


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well i started cos i wanted 2 be able 2 go out n not feel fat any more but now im getting back into my training like i used 2 do and im so much happier now


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I want to be alive to see my boys grow into handsome young men with all the advantages life can offer them. I want to see them make their lives with a loving partner and have children if they wish. I want to be the healthy mom they deserve me to be. I want to be the healthy woman I wish to be. I want to never be embarassed by cruel comments from other people. I never want my children to be embarassed by me or for me (in relation to weight, they will of course be embarassed by other things) I want to shop in any shop I can afford without checking if they cater for out size. I want to be seen as Doirin first and not this overweight version of me. I want to succeed at this thing that has illuded me for the last 20 years. I want to be proud of myself.

I want to go on but even I would be bored to tears with any more additions to this list.....



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many inspirations for me, which include:
  • a total lack of self esteem and self confidence triggered mainly by the way i look
  • i want to turn heads when i walk into a room, for the right reasons
  • i want to be able to wear regular high street clothes and vintage clothes, to wear clothes which don't look and feel like they're made for people 20 years older than me
  • to increase the likelihood of being reasonably fertile if i ever do meet a man i want to have kids with.
But also, my dad died in October having contracted pneumonia twice after a massive stroke. Being overweight was a contributing factor - it increases the risk of so many diseases CHD, diabetes II etc etc that i just can't bear to risk it.

in addition, my mum now has a long term health condition which severely impacts her mobility and will get worse over the coming years. i'd love her to see a huge change in me, she doesn't nag me about my weight but i know it has always bothered her. i' m very much doing this for me - but it's important to do it for the people i love too.
If it's not too melodramatic, i really feel that LT is giving me a chance of totally changing my life.
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Lots of reasons for me the first time i did it

This time its just to get me down to my finished weight where i am happy to work at and maintain/loose a little

I did it as i was unhappy, couldnt look at myself in the mirror, was uncomfortable, struggled doing my job.


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Hi all, well for me it was 2 reasons mainly
1 i hated going anywhere, hated the way i look, wouldnt go for a walk with kids, wouldnt go out with friends,only place i went was work!
2 my kids i'm so afraid they will go the same way my 10yr old son is not into any sports, and my 9 yr old thou into horse riding does not eat breakfast and i know thats exactly way i was so want to show them the difference losing the weight can do to our life, little things like goin for a bike ride together, a walk, rather than me just wanting to sit infront of tv !


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I want to be fit enough to hike up mountains and maybe go rock climbing eventually. Lugging the 5 stone extra was making me paddy last. Also I go kayaking and my weight was over some to the recommended weight for the canoes which is bad, never mind the life jacket. Also Hill walking was really hard work. I hoping to go hill walking this weekend, and with 37 lbs off I dying to see how I get on. Also better clothes and mobility is a bonus.
This diet is helping to get back out into the outdoors which I loved as a kid.
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Brother starting dialysis this year, he needs a kidney transplant, I'm the same blood group so his best bet. He phoned me up in January and asked for my help. I tried to lose weight on my own, with the doctors help and appetite suppressants....but only lost a few lbs. I need to be tip-top healthy and 14stone 5lbs was anything BUT!!!!! So Lipotrim has bought me down to a much healthier/happier/sexier(!!)body, my bood pressure and cholesterol levels are now at normal levels, so I'm hoping I can now maintain until I get the call. Oh, AND I have my first grandchild on the way and want to be able to goof around without huffing and puffing!!!!


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mine was that my weight has been such a concern to my esteem, health and fitness that i have been approved for a gastric band. while i was in the hospital waiting to have my first appointment to discuss it, i was talking to everyone in the waiting room.

everyone was at least 10 stone heavier than me. it just made me think, am i in the same boat as these people? they all had a health condition of some sort, i don't and it just kicked me into giving it one last try before i do something so drastic and life changing forever.

i decided to try lipotrim again and i'm SO glad i have. i still have my appointments for the gastric band plan but am deferring them as they come along, to give myself a chance to do it this way.

thanks for sharing everyone!


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What a fantastic thread....

Mine were
1. I was self concious and kept making excuses to people why I had put weight on. I have an underactive thyroid and was blaming this but I was overeating, and lying.

2. I have compulsive eating disorder and there was no funds available for the NHS to help me so I knew i had to do something drastic myself.

3. I refused to go to Turkey to see my lovely inlaws in March because I was embarassed that I had put so much weight on, therefore, my husband went on his own.

4. Felt it was affecting my job which is quite a high profile job looking after a very wealthy family..who wants a fat person looking after them...

5. Was rushed to hospital in Dec and I felt I was on a very slippery slope. Parents died young and felt I was going that way too.

Most importantly, I want to love me, enjoy me, like what I see staring back at me, I want to be comfortable and to wear modern clothes. I want to live until I am in my 80s if not longer! Oh, I could go on...but these are a few reasons.

Good to put them down and see them jumping back at me!!
I now have a beautiful little girl who is 18 months and I absolutley adore her but she doesn't deserve to have a mummy who is so big.

I also want to do this for myself. I've been this size for far too long now. I want to be able to buy clothes from 'normal' shops and dress for my age not my size; I want to be the happy, confident woman I used to be; I want to walk into a room and people say I look good; and I want my husband and loved ones to be proud of me!

I've also got my 30th birthday in September; a holiday at Christmas with my sister and her family; and my best friend gets married in April!
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