Jo’s 2022 (hopefully final!) plan

This is amazing👏🏾

I'm new to this site and have started a thread on s&s myself called Slim and Save April 2022 start - have a look to learn a bit more about me. I have read through all the pages of your posts but the little I have seen looks amazing. Day 37 - well done. What are you have in terms of packs? I'm on 3 packs a day with 200g of veggies and I've replaced my protein allowance with 1 or 2 packs of thier very low carb tortilla chips and I'm on day 5 and I am 11lbs down already! I know it's a lot of water but still very please especially since my SW was 12 stone 4lb. Last friday i bought enough packs and snacks for the next 28 days and I promised myself I'd stick to plan no cheating or making excuses. Well done to you and we'll done to all ❤️
Thank you! Just 3 shakes a day for me with the odd ‘step 3’ Cambridge day where I add in a low carb meal.
That’s an amazing loss especially considering your starting weight! Hope you continue to do so well and resist the Easter temptation 😊
So, day 42 of plan, and have got a little bit waylaid!

Yesterday we had a BBQ and although I stayed low carb I had FOUR sausages and didn’t drink enough water.

Today I had a shake at 10 before leaving for a playdate and was totally fine until 3pm when I couldn’t resist a chocolate brownie despite not being hungry. Kind of talked myself into it as husband and I have day together tomorrow and really wanted to justify having a higher carb lunch out.

Then had a few chocolate truffles when I came home and followed up with a BK and a small easter egg with a few sweets.

I could come up with all manner of excuses including the fact I haven’t lost weight all week and it’s a bit demotivating but realistically I just wanted a break. Feeling a ridiculous amount of guilt now and trying to work out what the root is.

I haven’t ‘binged’ just had a normal amount of Saturday night food, and I know rationally a day or two off doesn’t matter but I think I’m terrified i may not get back on track on Tuesday but on the flip side, I kind of feel like I do still want a nice day (with lunch) tomorrow.

I guess because today wasn’t planned I feel a bit out of control but when I try and be positive I think it’ll be a good reset for my body and it’ll let me prove to myself I can get back on track after a day or two off BUT then I think why do I need to prove that if I’m only doing this diet once more and then staying in control?

So conflicted and feeling on the verge of feeling Ive fucked up but if this time next week I know I got back on track on Tuesday I won’t regret the couple of days off. Trying to remind myself I’m in total control of my own actions and choices and getting back on track on Tuesday is totally within my control, but if that’s true, why did I go off piste today? Aghh.

Can’t change today but I guess I need to work out if I write it off as just a day off and that’s that, or if I take tomorrow too to make it ‘worth’ it. Im just feeling like I don’t have any faith in myself despite this time feeling so different and journalling etc to keep on track. Will I feel I’ve cracked it once I’m back on plan? I really really hope so. I shouldn’t feel so awful for having a day off, but getting on track this time was SO hard I just hope I haven’t wasted that pain and effort.

Arghh. Sad and guilty and frustrated and just aghh.
After my very despondent (!) post last week I stayed off plan and enjoyed Easter Monday but got straight back on after and have been 100% since. I’m down 8lbs since the Tuesday but overall 6lbs since the Monday before, and an average of 3lbs a week isn’t bad!

100% back on track until the Jubilee BH when I’ll have 2/3 days off and then get back on plan for another 6/7 weeks to do the steps and come off plan properly and in control.

Feeling very positive and glad I got back on track with minimal issue.
Just wanted to say I’m still here and still losing weight! Going to stay on plan until the next BH and have a few days off, and then do another 4 weeks on step 2 and 4 weeks on steps 3-5. That’ll bring me to 168lbs ish with a conservative estimate of losses the next 12 weeks.
Back I come, tail between legs.

In the week or so leading up to the June BH I lost a bit of motivation and I’ve been on and off since then, stabilising at 198lbs up until a week ago but have not been on plan at all for around a week and was 203 with bloat (though 200 this morning after a diet day Monday and reasonable ish day Tuesday). During that time I stopped journalling and cal counting and if I pinpoint when I stopped being able to get straight back on track after a day off, it was after I started eating crisps again. Surprise!

I’ve been journalling in the hope it’ll get me back in the right headspace but I think I need a bit more of a public space to reflect on my thoughts as it’s just not doing it for me and reading back the first few entries on this diary has reminded me of a few key things; I never feel ‘happy’ to restart but I just need to get on with it, and I really shouldn’t be worrying about the next days or weeks, or the weight loss itself, just about getting through each day and knowing the loss will follow. I expect to need another 6-8 weeks on the diet to get down to my goal of around 170lbs.

Its not helping that 4 Cambridge shakes feel like too many calsget back on plan with, but I do feel I need 4 shakes over the day, so think I’m going to restart with my S&S shakes for 2 weeks and then transition back to Cambridge.

Im also going to bite the bullet and just get on with it tomorrow (Thursday as I’m typing this at 1230am) rather than delay until Monday as all that’ll do is gain me some water weight and encourage ‘last supper’ binge thoughts.

So tomorrow I’m back on 4 S&S shakes @ 540 cals total plus 4 litres of water. Let’s get this done! By the weekend I should be feeling less carby and in a week I’ll be glad I’m on it.

I’ll come back here when I’m struggling / reflecting and reread this diary as I go.
Hi Jo,
How are you getting on? Starting a VLCD (Exante) myself tomorrow
I am sadly still not back on track!

Convinced myself to try 4:3 and I am maintaining that way but high eating days meaning no loss.

I’m seriously considering full plan again from Tuesday (after a day out Monday). I can maintain on ADF or 5:2 but just not in the right headspace to lose on that. Still all or nothing mindset that I hoped I’d got past but it seems not..

On the plus side, I have maintained for 12 weeks or so, and I’ve not reached an f it moment and lost total control, so I’m seeing that as a win.

Just need to crack the next stage of loss now. Arghh.
I’m back and really really struggling to get in the right mindset consistently. Anyone fancy buddying up???
I am back. And despite all my oh so positive planning, I am more or less back where I started. So embarrassed of myself.

Thought about starting a new diary but best to stay here I think for true accountability.

So. What’s different this time? Nothing really mentally. But I’ve invested in a Peleton and hopefully how good I feel when I exercise will encourage me to eat well.

I just have to remember what I said right at the beginning of this diary - I’ll never be ‘ready’ to be on plan until I’m actually on plan. And also remember this is probably just 13 weeks out of my life which is bugger all really in the grand scheme of things.

I’m just so so fed up of doing this again and again and again and never making any real progress. It’s utterly depressing. But the alternative is accepting my weight as it is, and I don’t want to do that either.

So I think I’ll try and do 12 weeks (whatever that looks like in terms of loss) and then transition to 4:3 for the remainder of the loss. I’ll exercise from the beginning and hope that keeps me on track.

Feeling quite sad and not really all that hopeful tonight but I absolutely must do this. 12 weeks will pass regardless and all the excuses and diet demon chat are just nonsense and based on learned habits - so time to try and learn some new ones.

5 litres water, 600 cals shakes and 300 cals of protein (for the exercise) from tomorrow.