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Instant Mash Sausage Rolls


Really likes to cook
Pete’s Instant Mash Sausage Rolls


200g Sainsbury Lean Pork Mince
1/2 packet (125g) Instant Mash
2 small onions, finely chopped
1 carrot, finely chopped
1tsp thyme
Mixed herbs
1 tsp Schultz “spicy season all”
*option 4 tbsp. apple sauce 4syn/4=1syn each

Chop up an onion in a mini chopper, add 125g of Instant Mash to a bowl and add the onion, mixed herbs and hot water and mix to bread dough consistency. Place in a fridge for at least 1 hr.

Lay out a sheet of cling film on a flat surface and place the mixture to it and cover over with a top layer of Clingfilm, using a rolling pin, rollout until about
4-6mm thick. Cut to the width you want for the rolls.

Chop the carrot, onion, thyme, mince & spices, in a mini chopper to form a paste. Season with salt & pepper, *add the apple sauce if required

Peel back the top layer of Clingfilm and add a layer of meat then, using the Cling Film roll the mash to form a tube with the meat inside, seal the joint and egg wash, repeat with the remaining mix, return to the fridge to chill. Remove when ready to cook, allow returning to room temperature, egg wash again.

Grease a flat tray with Fry light and place the rolls on it and egg wash again, place in a hot oven on 200c for 25 mins and browned.
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Great idea Pete! Any idea on the syns in the mince? I might just use sausages. I was wanting to take the pasties into group but I think these might be even better. Thanks for the recipe - full credit will be given!! x


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According to the package info
Sainsbury's be good to yourself extra lean pork mince 100g=

Cal 178Kcal per 100g
S. fat=2.4g

SW Syns Calculator=per 100g=

1.5 syn on Ee
9 syn on G
1.5 syn on O

If you make 4 rolls then 200g/4=50g< 1 syn! each on Ee or O


Really likes to cook
According to others only Tesco's Healthy Living Pork Mince as per SW but it's so low does it matter, I tried two and was full! Life is for living and I love experimenting with food, my wife has given me complete control of the cooking!I can't wait to try them with apple........ohhhhh
oo im going to give this one a go.. may use qourn sausages and shove a load of herbs etc on top to actually mask the flavour of the sausages!!...really good idea though thank you so much for sharing..


Really likes to cook
I don't know how long they would keep except that if you freeze them they should last as long as any meat product.They didn't stay around long enough!
Thanks for another lovely recipe Pete I'll look forward to trying it.

I agree you should create a new thread with all your recipes in that way they will be easy to find! thanks again for sharing :)


Really likes to cook
I'm already in trouble with the modulators about my awards as I don't know how to insert a "html break"or where to find it!
so trying to start a link is something I have never tried.
Just bought a PC with windows 7 on it and I am still trying to get to grips with it! Any help/ideas appreciated.
Pete, 65 Years old , decrepid, T2 Diabetic, & overweight!
Mmmmmm cannot wait for a day off work to give these a whirl. Thanks so much for the recipe, your wife is soooooooo lucky that you like cooking. You may have to edit your signature soon though as you won't always be overweight and you may be able to stop diabetic medication soon if your weight keeps going down. You are an ispiration to the rest of us. Thanks again.:)


Really likes to cook
Thanks for that info, I might try that in the future.I have over 100 original recipes now so a lot of work to do!I did start to add them to my blog when I first started.


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I've never tried quorn meat but I don't see why it should not work, just give a slightly different flavour.
your recipes are great!! keeping me ticking over nicely with new stuffs to stuff my face with! luved the tomato soup have freezer stuffed with it :D

yups these are great made with meat free mince .. :cool:

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