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  1. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    A bit of history
    A few years ago, I decided that I would never diet again. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what I know now and watched the stones creep up. Actually, I didn’t watch them, I turned my back and they attached themselves to me without me noticing :confused:

    Then I decided to have one last diet and chose the Cambridge diet. The whole time I stuck to my promise that this really was going to be the last diet ever. Of course, this means that I can’t afford to put on any weight, as I can’t diet to lose it….and I’m as stubborn as a stain on a best frock!

    At the beginning of December, I lost interest. I didn’t care any more. Well, I did care, but I just wanted to do my own thing. Not think about it. I still wanted to stay at goal, but I had lost the commitment.

    I got by using a technique that I learnt in a home called “act as if” which really helped with damage limitation.

    It was only a week ago that I realised what was going on. I hadn’t reinforced my commitment.

    Want it or committed?

    Look back over previous diets, I realise that I was ‘wanting it’ but not really committed. Not in the long term anyway. I was successful with diets, but only because not much stood in my way.

    I saw things as a way out. When you are just interested in dieting or staying slim, you can only do it until something better comes along. Then it all flies out the window.

    Any excuse is a reason to quit. A long plateau, cakes in the staffroom, feeling low. I saw each reason as a chance to stop the diet. I couldn’t do it, why should I? It was so unfair that I had to deal with it and I just couldn’t and food is so, so easy ;)

    What I was missing was the realisation that this was all just another ploy to throw me off course.

    It’s so easy to diet when everything is going smoothly. I missed the learning opportunity is was presenting. I didn’t realise that this was something that I needed to work through. I just thought I didn’t care any more and I would only fight for so long. Hopefully the motivation would come back of it’s own accord.

    Not caring
    I now believe that ‘not caring’ is another battle to win. By it’s very nature, it’s a really tough one, but the hardest lessons teach the most. If I could work on getting the commitment back, then I would succeed.

    Maintaining (or dieting) just when I felt like it wasn’t enough. I had to take responsibility for it.

    Commitment means that I will do it anyway. I don’t wait until I feel like going to work, or feeding the kids. I do it because I have to do it; because they are important. So is keeping the weight off important to me? You bet it is!! So I realised that regardless of how I felt, I had to do it anyway.

    And wow! What a great feeling when you come through after it’s been tough. It gives you much more satisfaction than managing when it’s easy.

    So, are you committed?
    Will you stick with it no matter what? How important is this to you? How do you increase your motivation…keep yourself committed when you feel like you don’t care anymore?
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  3. htpink

    htpink CDC

    Great post Karion!
  4. Redpam

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    Wonderful post KD. It has really made me think.

    I know I am worth that commitment!!!

  5. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    So, are you committed?
    Will you stick with it no matter what? How important is this to you? How do you increase your motivation…keep yourself committed when you feel like you don’t care anymore?[/quote]

    Hi KD:)

    Yes I will stick with it! When I finished dieting I had it in my head that I never wanted to diet again, then I went through a horrid phase of thinking that even at goal I still felt I was dieting to maintain, this turned my head to mush (as you know:rolleyes:) I wanted to be 'normal' and felt that I wasn't, I still binged and knew it would be so so easy to pile the weight back on:(.

    A little bit of time has now passed and although brain is still a bit mushy with all this maintaining malarky I now realise that what I am doing to maintain isn't really dieting at all:eek:, it's eating sensibly and healthily. I had been overweight since childhood and eating healthily has always in my mind equalled dieting as I've dieted since the age of 13.

    So I've had to do a lot of headwork and I feel happy at this stage. It was difficult to come to terms with the thought of dieting forever to stay in shape, it felt very negative. Now I've changed the way I look at the word diet and I feel what I'm doing is very positive and acheivable.

    As for motivation, primarily I decided to become a cdc, I thought that if I were helping others to acheive their goals then this would help me to maintain mine. This has worked for me, if I have had a bad week for example I think of the advise I'm dishing out to others.

    Another motivation is that I consider myself very lucky that I actually like myself:eek: I know this sounds strange, but I never really have. I know that I'm considerate and loyal etc. but I always felt I was greedy, had no will power and basically was a bit useless:p I don't want to consider myself like that again.

    As for keeping it going when I don't feel committed anymore, well I can't comment on that as yet that's not happened. I hope it dosen't, but as I'm an emotional eater who knows what the future holds, something could happen to destroy my committment and I'm not sure how I'd cope.

  6. rowanx2

    rowanx2 Losing the baby fat

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    The Get into a Swimsuit Diet
    a maintainers best friend - a rigid waist line with no give

    a maintainers worst enemy - an elasticated waist line

    actually same goes for everyone! Ditch the elasticated waists!!!

    The internet helps keep me stay committed. And being a tad obsessesive in general. I hope when i reach goal that after 5 - 10 years i can just talk about weight maybe every other day:rolleyes:
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I only wish I had this lightbulb moment when I was dieting. Wouldn't have spent most of my life hopping on and off the wagon :(

    So basically, if you are trying to lose weight, and you just feel that you couldn't care less, the commitment has gone, just do it anyway.

    Need to get to the gym? Not feeling like it? Do it anyway. Need to watch what you are eating? Don't feel like it. Do it anyway ;)
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Just bumping up for someone ;)
  9. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

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    Cambridge Diet
    KD, this is another fantastic post!!!
    I believe I am commited this time. and I want it so badly and wont let anything come in my way!!! x
  10. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    These are really wise words KD...
    I sort of got myself into a very bad place and realised that it was only me that could find me... no one was going to do it for me, no one cared for me more than I shpould be caring for myself....
    Once I reached that realization that no one could stop me but me, and no one could help me but me, my whole personality has changed some.
    It is so reassuring that those of you that have reached goal and stayed there, had/ have their own set of demons and have shown that it is possible to beat them...
    Thank you all for sharing your stories :)

  11. Katycakes

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    For me, it is about getting past the lure of the quick fix and seeing the whole picture... accepting some truths about what it may be like to maintain, and knowing it is NOT possible to go back to the way I used to eat/be if I want to stay slim. I feel like I have been given an amazing gift - don't know what to call it, 'possibility' maybe? I've been given a chance to feel slim and energetic and hopeful and ME again, the me I was before I began to cut off from the hurts life threw at me, wrap myself up in fat, for protection, like a child hiding in a blanket.

    I know why I did it, and I know it didn't work and I know I have the choice to be the way I was or the way I am now... and the way I am now feels like the only choice, even if it means letting go of binge eating & addictive behavior with food.

    Such a long way to go. Not even at target yet. But so much stuff has happened in my head on this journey I wonder if it was ever really about weight loss at all? It was about finding me again, all the time.

  12. AbsolutelyFabulous

    AbsolutelyFabulous Absolutely Determined!

    Another fabulous post by KD! I can so relate to this.
    I have spent 10 years dieting, and the only thing I lost was 10 years.
    I am more committed than I ever believed possible; and that's because I am finally doing this JUST FOR ME. In the past I have always thought I was only doing it for me, but in the back of my mind I was still thinking "Oh he will love me more when I'm slim, my life will be easier, he'll never argue with me again when I'm slim enough that he's scared to lose me". Yeah, talk about co-dependent.
    Anyway, the person in question is no longer an issue. Right now this is all about me, and my desire to be slim, and my need to grow old and watch my children grow up, and my longing for beautiful clothes, and my absolute defiance against anyone or anything that ever stood in my way.
    I have learnt some valuable lessons in the last 10 years. The biggest one being, that I am only ever accountable to myself. I have made a choice to do this diet. I can eat if I want to, that's also a choice. But, the feeling of empowerment and control that comes from being able to look at a plate of food and genuinely, honestly CHOOSE not to have it because I don't WANT it... it's worth more than every bar of chocolate that ever passed my lips.
    I'm a good person. I'm a good friend. I'm a good mum. I'm kind to people, and I would do anything for anyone. But, up until now, I never extended myself the same courtesy. I never loved myself, or even liked myself enough to fight for my (not so) little place in the world. But, now I know I am worthy. And that is not coming from being conceited, but from being aware that each of us has a right to be exactly who we want to be.

  13. trisha

    trisha likes to post

    healthy eating
    fantastic post KD

    Paula, I couldn't agree more with your comments you've just described my life but especially the last paragraph.
  14. mooncat

    mooncat loves the moon and cats!

    weight to go
    I feel more committed with cd than any other, I've surprised myself really ( apart from one bad moment last week with a certain reindeer) :rolleyes: But it just becomes a way of life and when those nasty cravings come you realise just how strong you can be if you want to :)
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