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Interesting Book

'Big Fat Lies - Is Your Government Making You Fat?" by Hannah Sutter
Read it yesterday, it's written by an ex lawyer who founded The GoLowerDiet. The book is really interesting and doesn't try and sell her branded diet at all. It looks at the current diet advice given out by the FSA - you know the thing, high carb low fat, and rips it to pieces! It talks all about Ketosis and how it is a natural state for weight control.
Now I know none of us really need convincing but if you into the science of it all, it's a good read.
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A thin person in disguise
Yes agree will have to have a look for it today....I watched the TV programme about the processed low fat high sugar and carbs, totally awestruck and love adding the evidence ready for naysayers in my head and from others!! xx


A thin person in disguise
I have just found the book on amazon. I've tried ibooks but nothing has come up. The book is currently at £4.50 from amazon reduced from £15...A-mazing!! Gary Taubes book is on there too ;) xx


A thin person in disguise
Me too...I am currently looking up how the body metabolises fat...very interesting since the site is advocating low fat high carbs, it says that fat metabolises last so therefore is disproving it theory on low fat and high carbs since the carbs get used up first and then the rest laid as fat hmmmmm.... cut out the middle man (carbs) and away we go hahahahaha!!! xx
LOVE this book and recommend it to anyone who stands still long enough, LOL! Gave my copy away months ago and never saw it again, but I can only hope that it's doing the rounds out there somewhere...


Silver Member
That book got me to this way of eating :D...the best ever! I had severe IBS & DH was insulin resistant. Sorted! (after an op for me though :()
Read it folks!!!! :D

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