Introducing Thread Marks


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As many threads on MiniMins can end up in hundreds of pages long, it can be hard to find the important posts.

Introducing Thread Marks.

I have been looking for a solution, like tagging etc and it just doesn't work.

This is so simple. Create a post and at the bottom the word "Thread mark" should appear.

Click on it and give it a title.

You will see the posts with a thread mark highlighted like this:


Ive started on Petes recipe book, here:


At the top you will see "thread marks" and it shows an index of posts.

So you can use this for a recipe thread, where you can mark the recipes and skip past the replies.

You could use it for a challenge thread, where the latest weekly chart is listed.

You could use it in a diary, like "8-Nov-2016 - A new day a new me" for a diary dated today (the day i wrote this thread :) )

So, any questions just let me know :)