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Introducing.. Trixie! ;)

Trixie Firecracker

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G: 9st4lb
Hi Guys!

Ok where to start... Right,well I'm 24 and from Ireland. I'm not new to Lipotrim, I'll outline all below :)

well i've always been overweight since a child and went to dieticians, nutritionists, did the whole WW thing etc.. nothing ever worked, except that is for Atkins.

When I started Atkins a few years ago I was about 18 stone and got down to about 12 stone in a year.

After that I could never get lower than 12 stone, so two years ago I discovered Lipotrim and had great success with that - never once cheated, and despite the odd stall (and one or two gains!!) it was a downward trend. I got down to just under 10 stone (and still felt huge!)

Anyways, I got complacent with my new figure, and with the new figure came a new social life, new friends, and nights out 5 nights a week and with that piled on the pounds again.

So here I am now January 2008 - I don't know what weight I am - I'm terrified to find out, as I fear the number will traumatise me dramatically.

I tried many times last year to get back on the wagon, but each time I only lasted a few days before giving in - it was always someones Birthday Party, or there were weekends away, holidays etc..

It's so frustrating as I did it before, my first time doing Lipotrim and lasted 4 months with not so much as a nibble so I know I *can* do it if I put my mind to it.

I'm psyching myself up to go back to the pharmacy and get on the programme again.

Wish me luck guys! :)
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Get yourself to that pharmacy and back on the wagon - just think how glam you'll look in summer! :)

Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
G: 9st4lb
Hi Amanda!

I have a confession to make.. I've been a bit naughty and haven't eaten anything (Lipotrim shakes or otherwise) I think I have a about a week or 10 days worth of Lipotrim shakes in the house somewhere, so I'm planning on using those up before I go back to the pharmacy - I'm absolutely disgusted at myself for not alone putting it all back on - but more! So I'd like to have a bit lost before I go back to the pharmacy with my tail between my legs! lol
Ah dont beat yourself up - it isnt worth it! The best thing is that you have realise and are raring to go! Go show that chemist!

What I find funny though is how many of us fear the judgement from the pharmacy....at the end of the day, they are there to make money out of our stupidity!

Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
G: 9st4lb
True, so very true.

The thing that gets to me though is that, from my personal experience anyhow, it's young "skinny minnies" who do the Lipotrim programme and weigh you etc, not even slightly overweight people, or someone who has battled with their weight in the past and overcame it.

Maybe it's just me but I always feel thoroughly inadequate in front of them having to hop up on a scale and be weighed like a cow at a cattle mart.

But yes, new year, new start and all that jazz! ;)
Best of luck Trixie you can do it again! :)
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Hi Trixie
Welcome aboard! I'm on CD but popped in to say good luck - we're all on the same mission after all ... just using different vehicles to get there :)

I know what you mean about feeling devastated when you regain. At my all time heaviest I was 22st but was 18st 13lb when I started CD in March 2006. I was down to 12st 7lb by Christmas but for various reasons, I lost the plot and weighed in at 18st 6lb by Christmas 2007. DRAT!

I restarted CD on Jan 5th - did a week of SS and now I've switched to 790 so the journey should be less of a sprint and more of a jog :)

Wishing you well on your new LT journey.


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Hi Trixie!!!

Snap.... I'm 24 and I'm in Galway!! :) Oh yeah, and on Lipotrim for the second time after a successful first. I lost 3 stone two years ago and now have put it all back on :mad: ..... and some point u have to tel urself SO WHAT!! That is in the past, its a new day, a new determination and you will succeed. Just stop beating urself up over it cos it wont help. Forgive urself and turn your anger into motivation by promising urself that it wont happen again. Mistakes are there to be learnt from :) As you know urself once u get the first week over u r flying it.

Best of luck Trixie.

P.S.... I had to change pharmacies cos I was afraid to go back to the first one - its so ridiculous cos u guys are right it is just another service that we were payin for so hold our heads up high.

Nobody can judge u unless u let them :)

Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
G: 9st4lb
Hi guys!

Thanks so much for the encouragement ladies!

RussianDoll, congrats on your success on CD so far!

Yuna, do i know you??? lol

I still haven't made it back to the pharmacy, still doing my own thang at home as I have lots of shakes left over, so I might wait to use all them up before I go back.

First time round I was going to Mullin's Pharmacy in Salthill, they were so lovely and encouraging there too and I was doing so well, I'd feel like such a failure going back there again though! whooops!

Thinking of going out to do it in the pharmacy in Barna now but it's milllles away! Mind me asking where you're doing it?

wow I see you're doing so well! Good for you!! :D


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Hi Trixie,


I would definitely advise you to go back to your pharmacy you have done your diet with as you found them encouraging and supportive.

They are not there to judge you and would I suspect be very understanding as your not alone in putting your weight back on.

I mean what can they say? Your a customer:)

The weigh in each week will help to keep you focused.

If your into walking...you can join us Get Fit and Step it Out for 2008!

Here is the link http://www.minimins.com/fitness-exercise/28518-get-fit-step-out-2008-a-3.html#post463679

Love Mini xxx
im just started cd today but just said id pop over and say all the best with lipotrim (i did it for 1week and lost 7lbs, went back to chemist more shakes and quit then went back it was a never ending thing)
so sold my shakes to my friend who was on it. im 22 also in irleland. best of luck i used to live in galway its a fab place!

Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
G: 9st4lb
Mini - well I have to confess I have another sneaky reason for changing pharmacys.. I got a letter in the post saying if I did the LT programme with another pharmacy and stuck to it for a month they'd reward me with a 50 euro voucher to spend on a skincare range, soo.... ;)

hi Becky! I didn't realise that CD was available in Ireland? Where are you doing it? What's it like compated to LT - price wise etc? Hope you do well on it! Let me know how you get on!

What part of Galway used you live in? Oh here, this may give you a giggle... so true though! hehe

Galway - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Delli, I'm not sure about Yuna, but I do infact have blue (well bluey green) eyes and black hair! lol


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
S: 19st12lb G: 14st0lb
Hi Delli... I have blue eyes.... but mousey brown hair w highlights....

I love the song, and turn it up and dance a jig whenever I hear it.... does that count???

Really funny, came on yesterday when I was stopped at traffic lights (in car).... Ooooooh, the looks!!:)

Trixie.... seriously!! Barna offer 50 squid for sticking to it???? Oh why oh why did I not know that!! I'm with Mullins :( Was gonna tell u bout the one on Dominik Street that does it (that I'm afraid to go back 2!!):)

Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
G: 9st4lb
Yuna, well they sent me a letter about it like before Xmas, not sure if they'll still honour it... buuuut.. only one way to find out!

I did LT before in Mullins and got on well with them there.

I called into the one on Dominck St too and the lady was soooo lovely! I may switch to there! How did you find them in Dominck St?

I'll let you know how it works out with the voucher, fingers crossed!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
S: 19st12lb G: 14st0lb
It was a non starter.... Was frustrated with weight and decided to do Lipotrim but was a really bad time, tryin to do my thesis..... c-o-m-f-o-r-t eating got in my way :)

They were really nice tho and quite chatty which is great, not rushin u in/out

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