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Introduction/My Story

Hi! I'm new on this forum, so this is my introduction aswell :). My name's Dmitry, i'm 22 years old. I've always been a fat kid, in high school and in college, and i grew fatter and fatter as i aged. I tried to loose weight several times, always unsuccessfully :(. When i turned 21, i looked at myself, and was so disgusted that i considered shooting myself. At my 5' 10.5'' height, i was 222 lbs, total slug with a pair of C-cup manboobs. I decided that before doing something drastic (see above), i should make one last try to become a normal man.

The most important decision i made (and what i think made my success) was starting weight training, instead of jogging+starvation i tried during all previous attempts.

When i first came to gym, it was terrible. I looked really ridiculous i think, sweaty obese kid in a tank-top. 0% muscle, 100% fat fat FAT. The looks people gave me made me want to run out and jump from the roof. But i stayed, and it became easier, easier with each time i came there. I got to know the people, and they were quite kind to me, gave me advices and didn't mock me. I am now going to that same gym for more than a year, and i'll never change it for any other :D.

In the gym i did almost 0 cardio (5 min of bicycle in the start to warm up) and focused on weightlifting (i can post my routine if anyone will ask for it). Diet-wise i wasn't doing anything special. I stopped eating sugar, bread, fatty food at all, and tried to eat mostly fat-free dairy and meat, and vegetables, rice and mushrooms. I also had a rule - i didn't eat in the evening (about 5-6 hours before sleep) at all, so that i am seriously hungry when i go to sleep. I noticed that if i'm really hungry when i fall asleep, i'm guaranteed to lose some weight in the morning.

I've binged multiple times at start, because it was really hard to be hungry for many hours and keep away from fast-food (i really, really love pizza and hamburgers :cry:). But each time i managed to straighten up and return to the regime.

Now, about 13 months have passed. I have lost not that much (as compared to some other people i've been reading about here) - 54 pounds. But i think i've actually lost significantly more fat, because i've build up some muscles in the process (adding to my current weight of 167 lbs). When i started training i could only bench 90 lbs (which is lol), now i bench 220.I have BMI of 23.7 and body fat percentage of 17% (according to the density test). Here's my photo, alas i was stupid and didn't take the "before" pic at my start (sry for webcam quality):

I still have pretty much fat, i am going to loose at least another 15 lbs (my goal is 13% body fat, which is the "athlete" margin according to Wiki). Don't know what i'll gonna do when i reach it, maybe will try to bulk up some additional muscles.

I must add that weightlifting helps not only to loose fat, but to improve your overall health greatly. I feel much stronger, my bones and sinew is harder and more functional, even my posture (which was awful because of my desk job) improved.

I hope my experience will help some suffering men (and women :p) out there, i'll be glad to give any advice i can :)(i'm no doctor or a gym instructor, but i've gone through it myself).
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Well done, while not as extreme, i am in a somewhat similar situation at the moment, i am six foot four, and until the age of seventeen was always very skiny however in the past three years i have gained over six stones in weight and now weigh around 240 pounds, which is about 40 pounds over the average weight for my height.

I am 21 in a month, and while my weight has just about steaded in the past year, i have now decided that i need to lose weight, and my aim is to lose 70lb by the end of this year through a riggorass exercise regime which will allow me to reach my target of just 15% body fat.

Short term aim: Weigh under 225lb at my 1st March weighin.


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You look great! Fantastic achievement!


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Well done :D
You look great!!
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Looking good mate, some before's would be nice. :D

Jonny B

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Nice work dude! Good to know a whole body transformation can be done in just over a year. I really do need to get back into lifting and general excercise.....


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well done!! :)

I've also recently started going to the gym a lot and was just hoping to ask you a few questions..

Could you tell us how often you want, and how many reps you did, as well as any other exercise you may have done??

Did you have any strech marks, and if so did they go, i appear to have a few on my stomach?

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