Iphone Apps for Points


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I use iTracker. Its brilliant you put your points in and then every day just add the date, you can make a list of favourites, its the best one I could find.

I use PointsCalcLite which Im not over keen of as its a bit precise... working things out to things like 3.7 points lol but its one of the few which is UK based not US

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great thanks
its a pitty there isnt anything like myfitnesspal.com , i have that on my iphone, its brill it has all the uk/irish brands. Be great if it brought up the food

or does it? i dont have wifi at home here until i go intowork tomorrow


PointsCalcLite is the one I use and think it's great. You can set it to round to halves which does away with the 3.7 thing. Is iTracker better do you think?


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I think my Sky+ is my favourite one lol
Use ShoppingList a lot too, its quite clever.
Off - that lets you switch your laptop off from your iTouch/iPhone from anywhere in the house lol
Tesco - like that one too (yes yes I know its sad)
Trainline is great if youre a train user, really handy save facility on it and you can use it offline
Loads of games - so many games lol


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I will definitely look into iTracker and PointsCalcLite! Thanks
I'm loving Sky+ too Starlight, it's fab! i also like EBay, Ping (I M messaging) NoteMasterLite (hooks up with googledocs)TravelTracker (for storing travel plans, air tickets etc) and my latest favourite is Sccope, which allows you to scan a bar code on a dvd for example and it searches the internet on where to buy it the cheapest! Great fun!

I love finding new and exciting apps!

Anyone else have any goodun's?



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I'm a pointscalclight fan too! Also had trouble with it til hubby pointed out that I had the settings wrong and now use it all the time! Very handy for work and shopping as I always forgot to take my calculator!

I love doodle jump, very addictive lol