iPod armbands for the gym


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Mine came free with my ipod (mini-its a few years ago now) and that has stood the test of time, not that I have spent forever in the gym, but I use it when I am walking.

My husband and son got theirs from PC world but I am not sure which make they were, good luck with finding a comfy one.


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I use one (well when I venture to the gym) no idea where it came from as it was a pressie but I've got to say that they are really good, hope you find one that suits you.


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I like the round the neck one by nekFIT...don't like it round my arm when weight training or rowing, etc...

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i got one for my OH from Ebay, they have quite a range depending on your ipod type......

shouldn't cost more than a pound ot two but p&p can be expensive if coming from japan or where ever, so maybe worth paying £3 and getting a uk one... comes quicker too!!!