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Irish nutritionists call for regulation of Lipotrim

interesting - thanks for that
interesting but quite negative! - never known anyone to pay more for their first week and then less for every other week though. and who pays 85 quid EVER for it?


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers Cankster mate...

Typical scare mongering...

Grant did not eat for five days on the programme but gave up after experiencing “severe dizziness”.
Well... that would be the onset of ketosis then... & not a time to give up...

But Margot Brennan from the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute said: “The body’s first response to low energy intake is to break down muscle and you can’t select where that muscle is coming from. It might be from the heart or lungs.
Utter utter tosh... my lean muscle mass is LARGE... my natural pyramid shape has come back & I'm well defined... & in conjunction with toning / training at the gym I'm actually gaining MORE muscle...


Eloquent hooligan
Never read a less well researched article in my life!
I think the prices are those charged in the Republic of Ireland, so may well be correct.
The "nutritionist" who quoted muscle loss from the heart and lungs needs to study some basic anatomy and physiology. Since when were the lungs a muscle?! :eek:
It's my understanding that a potential "lipotrimee" has to have 3 stone or more to lose, or have a BMI over a certain level in order to qualify for the programme. This means the Pharmacist needs to adhere to the rules, but doesn't mean the programme should be called into disrepute.
There'll always be a few who don't mind selling it to people who don't need it, just to make a fast buck. The Howard Foundation need to police that, I'd agree.
Unbalanced articles like that make me STEAM!! :pcwhack:
OK, let's face it, dropping weight at high speed isn't the best way of doing it, I know I know and thrice I know.

But it's a choice we have, and whether it stays off or piles back on again is down to the people who use LT.

It's not a drug, it's not a banned substance. I can think of FAR worse things you could be putting into your body. :mad:
I always struggle with articles like this.

It just focuses on the absolutely negatives (as a lot of journalism and society does now!)

It says that brittle nails can be a problem!

What about when I was 27 stone and at my biggest! What sort of problems was I giving myself!! Brittle nails compared to heart disease, increased risks of cancer and diabetes, back ache to the point of taking so much brufen I nearly lose a kidney!

Reality check!! I could live with a dodgy nail or two!

I wish people would look at the positives in things as then you can have a balanced view.

I have stopped buying newspapers now as I bought one and read it and couldn't find anything to fill my heart with joy over!


what a load of tosh!!!!! since starting lipotrim i have never felt better and as for nails they are the best they have EVER been and my hair hasnt dropped out oooooooo!!!!!! it makes me so mad ive finally found i diet that i can control and that doesnt control me and works really well and as for the weddin thing everybody has some special occasion they want to look good for so its not just brides either!!!!!!!! ok rant over !!!!!!!!!!!sorry guys just gets me mad when they dont know what they are talking about and have never tried it !!!!
lol ok ok im republic of ireland and i pay 65 euro per week and my nails are in great nic ,, my skin glows and my eyes are beeming :)
Thanks for that Cankster. It's all this negativity that stops me telling most people I am on LT. Like Mick, the damage I was doing to my body before this diet is indescribable, I was at risk of diabetes, stroke, heart attack and my BP had risen alarmingly! Just over 4 months later my BP is back down to it's usual low reading, I have more energy than for ages and am just overweight. My skin has never looked better, neither have my nails and my hair, although thinning rapidly is less greasy than it has ever been! I am in control of my body at last!

There will always been those people who are not happy at being a size 8 and want to be a size 0 who will try anything to get there but, if pharmacists stick to the rules then they will have to do it some other way.

LT works for me and that is good enough for me.



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What a poorly researched article, I can't believe they can get away with such dreadful reports.

I get so confused listening to all the diet information out there, what I know is I need to lose weight, I've tried conventional diets, hypnotism, rehab, OA, water fasting in Thailand etc etc

I need to take food out of the equation, I need support and a good refeed programme. I can maintain weight, I've been the same weight for almost four years, so I think this is a good diet for me.

Rant over. :eek:

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