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Irish slimming worlder - questions...!

Hi everyone

First time poster here :sign0144:. Seems like a great forum for support.

So, time to get dieting AGAIN! This time I'm going to make it count though.

I did Slimming World a few years back when I was living in the UK and it was great, but as there are no Slimming World classes here I've a couple of questions!

1. Is the principle still the same - red & green?
2. Are Syn values roughly the same? - I have the 2006 Food Directory

I really appreciate any help.
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Hi Skinny

Welcome to the forum!

The main difference now is the 'Extra Easy' (EE) plan. This basically means that any food on red and green are free on the same day BUT you are only allowed 1 each of HEX A and Bs. With syn values when doing EE, you count the lowest syn value as syns are still listed as red or green
You can still do red, green or EE, or a mixture of them all depending on how you feel that day.
I would personally try and get an updated syn directory- I ahve an old one and quite a bit has changed- you wouldn't want to be eating someting in abundance and not realising it was synned!

Just shout if any of this is confusing, or you have further questions.

Good luck, mate!

Just another thought- online SW?

This is how I do SW- through the BodyOptimise website. I have done it this way for over a year as I can't get to regular classes due to my job.

I know this isn't for everyone, but it definitely works for me!
If you PM me your email address I have the latest diet information on PDF versions that I can send you. x


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Hello and welcome to Minimins!
My CC was telling me this morning they are starting SW in America in August!
More questions...

Thanks a million everyone for the responses, I'm doing my shopping list now.:)

Extra Easy sounds nearly too good to be true! Is there a rule about snacking on this plan? Can you snack on any free foods?

Paperclip - The Irish classes are all in the northern counties, I'm in Dublin. Slimming World are missing a trick not being all over Ireland, they would make a mint! Hopefully it's only a matter of time!

CocktailPrincess - Thanks for the info. Online could be a good option too, do you get the password for the Lifeline Online with that? Questions questions!!

Lydia150970 - I can't seem to PM you, I don't have enough priviledges :eek:. Can you see if you can pm me your email and I can email you back from my own email? Otherwise I'll just post it on here. The pdf books would be really helpful, thank you.

Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate it.
Jen x
It won't let me PM you, I think you need to post more than 25 times or something like that then you get PM privilages. Sorry!

CocktailPrincess - Thanks for the info. Online could be a good option too, do you get the password for the Lifeline Online with that? Questions questions!!
Hi again, Jen

You don't get the password because you don't need it. BodyOptimise has everything on the regular website plus extras like activity log and awards, progress charts, photo downloads (to track progress) as well as all the regular recipe, syns online/calculator, extra support, sucess stories, useful features, eating out guides and e-mails (included the dreaded "It's time to weigh in" one!)
The obvious downside is not having a leader or group to talk to (which is why I am here a lot!)

Good luck with whatever you choose

(and btw- when you said EE seems too good to be true- I know what you mean- I LOVE it and have lost the same as on the old plans so it does work- amazingly)

Hi Jen,

EE isn't like Mix to Max or anything like that with restrictions on snacks... I only snack on chocolate :sign0007:but count those things as my syns (my meals are usually either syn free or no more than 2 syns per meal).

Snack on whatever you like, as long as your daily syn total doesn't go above 15!

Sorry to hear SW hasn't made it down to you yet - from the website it seems most groups are opening in the net few weeks so maybe Dublin will come in the next wave.

I think there's a money-off code in the magazine this month for the online SW - I think the code is MAGAZINE and gets you £10 off or something.

Hope that helps!
Brilliant, thanks everyone for the responses. I did try to post here yesterday but it said something about my post having to be reviewed by an administrator first...looks like they didn't like it.:eek:

I'm going to have a look at the online SW, it could make life much easier than trying to go it alone. I guess you're right Cocktail, this forum is just like going to a meeting!

Thanks for the money off info Paperclip, I'll give it a shot.

Lydia - I tried to post my email address yesterday, I'm guessing that's why they didn't let me post. Gutted!

you could just post ramdonly until you get to 25 then PM me? Or reply to 22 recipes with "mmm great idea" LOL!!!


Trying again!!!
Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss journey. I do SW alone and find this forum a lifeline. I also love SW magazine, I bought a lot of the older issues on Ebay. xx

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