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Iron pills question

I've recently been told I'm anaemic, although I can't figure out how because I eat lots of red meats, and dark green veg, but anyway... The dr put me on iron pills, 200mg 3 x a day. The problem is... I've become... Clogged! What can I eat, or take that will be on plan but help loosen things up? I have WI on tuesday and haven't 'been' for 3 days! I just know if I don't go before tuesday I'll have a gain!
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ask the dr to do a prescription for movicol - thats good stuff. or buy some lactulose from the chemist (or on prescription if you get them free) I'm not a constipated person or anything haha, i work at a drs surgery xxxx


Wishing and hoping!
Fibre/fruit should help, but if is troublesome I constantly have to take Lacolose it might take time to get the right measurement but from my experience once I found the right amount it has been brillent!
I eat loads of fruit anyway, and veg etc.. since I do EE, and fibre, well I think I get enough.. Normally I go 2-3 times a day! I def will mention it to the dr, I'm there today for blood tests anyway.
I drink 3 litres of water a day plus green tea on top, so I think I'm drinking enough. it's not the fibre that has clogged me up, it's only been since I started taking the iron pills.

I spoke to my dr this morning and he's told me that I would be ok with senna at this stage, so I got some senakot max strength, so I'll try that tonight.
I wad put on iron tablets as i was borderline annecmic but the 'clogging' and the pain with it was too much to bear!
'Real' iron tabs did the same for me & my daughter when pregnant (23yrs apart) - so we both decided just not to take them. I never noticed any problems myself but had a blood donation refused at the intitial test stage. I had to see my GP who sent off another test but luckily she only suggested I start taking a multi-vit + iron. No refusals since (& no other probs, if you know what I mean!).
Well, the senakot didn't work in time for WI, I think I was so clogged that it took a few days worth of taking to get things moving, I did manage to lose a lb which I was ecstatic over since I was convinced I'd have a gain. But today I haven't stopped going!! (sorry TMI) I don't ever weigh at home, so I don't know how much I've lost since WI last night, but I'm hoping that it'll be even better news for next week..lol

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