Irresponsible parents!!


Carpe diem
Did you hear on the news about those parents in South Yorkshire selling greasy junk food to their kids through the railings of the school??

Apparently, they're 'protesting' about their kids being 'forced' to eat healthy meals at school and believe they should be given the choice to buy an alternative.

So they were selling chips, cheeseburgers, sausages etc from the local chippy through the fence!! Have you ever heard anything so crassly irresponsible in your whole life??

If they want to give their kids a diet guarenteed to line them up for a heart attack then they're at liberty to so AT HOME - but who are they to undermine the school policy of trying to broaden the kids' experience of food and encourage a more diverse diet?

It's like saying 'I don't agree with Maths lessons' and handing games consoles through the fence.

I have to say, I lived in South Yorkshire for five years and it was a real culture shock (apologies to anyone from South Yorks here). Most people live a hugely unhealthy lifestyle: I've never encountered so many chip shops, takeaways and fast food outlets in my life. At one place in Doncaster (where I lived) you could see one McDonalds drive through from the car park of another.
And in my particular village, it was commonplace for the majority of the secondary school kids to buy their lunch from the chip shop and walk along eating the 'greasy delights' before tossing the wrappers on the floor. By 1.15pm every day, the village would look like a municiple tip!

Anyway - back to my original point ... do you think those parents are being irresponsible or offering 'choice' to their kids?
I live in Yorkshire (west) and have to say i was appalled at their attitude.
I think they claimed there were healthy options in the boxes aswell like Jacket potatoes and sandwiches. Also they said that they had bought fresh juice not fizzy pop for some students - so that made it alright ;)

Anyhow, the point they were making as well was that the school wasnt providing fresh, hot meals and the students werent given long enough to eat their meals as school lunch times had been reduced.

IMO there are better ways to protest about this than going to the local chippy and buying kids junk food!! I would be livid if they were supplying one of my children!!

It does reinforce the fact though that the governmetn and shools can try their best but at the end of the day with parents like this things wont change. :( Looking forward to Jamie olivers return to school dinners next week - from what i've seen he has found the same thing!!
OMG... This is disgusting!

I was watching Ian Wright's Unfit Kids the other night and it was amazing how difficult some of the parents were being.

I am appaulled to hear of this... and definitely agree that this is a form of child abuse!

I previously was training as a teacher.. but I pulled out and changed Career choice as I couldn't handle watching sooooo many children neglected by their parents. I found it emotionally quite distressing... seeing so many kids yearning for your attention as clearly they don't get any at home.

This kind of subject really makes my blood boil!

It's amazing how many people have kids just as a form of adding to their benefits... They use them as pawns in their divorces... and they bombard them with negative energy. There are soooo many unfit parents out there.

Thankfully there are still some upstanding parents out there who set a good example to there kids!
Hi all,Would like to join in on this one !!! 2 yrs ago i was a catering manager in a local school ,i spent a lot of my own time and money encouraging the kids to try new things ,you would not believe how many of them didnt know what certain foods looked like let alone taste like!!. on 3 separate occasions i had mothers approach me and say such things as "Amy wont eat salad, she doesnt like it!" I looked a the said child smiling, she replied" Yes i do i always eat it at school mum" and i eat cauliflower !!" her mother was gobsmacked !! .my point is SOME parents assume their child doesnt like it without persevering. Also so many families dont sit at a table and have a family meal, i know this isnt always possible but even once or twice a week is something , I really do believe it is our responsibility as parents to encourage our kids at an early age to eat SENSIBLY,. I also think all this needs to be part of the education programme from primary school age.As for those people selling through school gates (chips etc) they are handing them a heart attack on a plate!!. "responsible parents " i think not!!
Essay over !! Thanks for reading .Love Sarah xx(J.Oliver's no 1 fan!!)
That is awful. Some parents are so stupid even when they are given help they rebel.

I'm gobsmacked.
how shocking, after all jamie oliver has shown us with his school dinner policys, my sons school only offer water to drink as they say it gets more oxygen to the brain than any other drink, I remember my scool was the same we only had water to drink. It is very shocking that parents would go against healthy options for their children for 1 meal a day, god help them in 15 to 20 years time.