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Step away from the chips!
I am turning into a witch :( My period is due on Sunday so not sure if its the diet or PMT?

To my eternal shame, the childrens mealtimes are bringing out the worst in me. I have 2 toddlers who need mummy at the table acting like a cheerleader for every mouthful they manage to eat (they're both a bit contrary when it comes to food :rolleyes:) but i cant muster up any positivity to encourage them. Instead i find myself narking at them & getting cross & shouting because they wont eat. Then i feel guilty for doing it (and rightly so). Yesterday evening i was trying to get my 2 and a half year old daughter to eat a little bit of her cabbage. She said she didnt like cabbage. I told she couldnt know she didnt like it if she didnt try and kept on & on at her til she ate a forkful. She then promptly gagged and was sick :cry:
All this because they can eat & i cant.

Although i'm managing to stick to the diet, my mind i guess is still a bit begrudging of the lack of food. I wish it would hurry up & accept that this is how its going to be for a while, preferably before i end up giving my two babies food issues of their own.
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God I know what you mean.... and truthfully it isn't there fault we have eaten to much rubbish and got fat...............................

I hate myself sometimes when I am on the diet, but then I hate me when I'm eating tooo.

I think you need to try and think of it like it is your choice to not eat, rather than you can't.. because you can eat, but you won't lose the weight if you do.. if that makes any sence...

I hate not eating and I've turned into a binge eating looney... Never used to be like that, but in turn doing this has made me gain nearly 3 stone since Xmas and after I lost nearly 7 stone last year I feel like a right plonka.....

Oh gone off on one there sorry, just ment to sympathise with you... as I know what you mean..

Ok I'm off before I go on any more..


Step away from the chips!
Thank you, its good to know i'm not alone feeling like this.
I'm ok in my mind with this diet right up until dinnertime with the children. I dont begrudge my other half eating its the children and the fact that its there for them & they dont want it and "the old me" would quite happily smile & say thats fine if you dont want it.....because then i could scoff the leftovers lol
I'm spending a large part of the day feeling generally irritable, but i keep it well under wraps only for it to explode to the surface at evening mealtime. Its not good.
Will try your suggestion before my children decide that mummy has been replaced by a horrible ogre lol x


MUST get a grip
I'm a bit mental around TOTM - my kids are 9yrs & 11yrs so past the feeding them stage etc but I know that I am hormonal and I can feel them irritating me with things that I wouldnt necessarily flinch at ususally!

Bloody bloody hormones - I've been whinging about them all day all over the place!

Dont worry - you are not alone, its neither the diet alone or PMT alone - more like a combination of the whole lot - it will pass tho hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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