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  1. LadyLovesLilac

    LadyLovesLilac Full Member

    My weightloss is no where near what I have envisaged....

    I did LipoTrim 4 years ago - lost consistently 4lbs a week - no problems with it.

    Now on LighterLife and barely making 2 or 3 lbs a week. Only thing different I can see is my age.... now into Menapause (no way thats spelt right!!!).

    Is this a major factor - does anyone know?

    Have decided to give myself other goals - just so my motivation doesnt vanish:

    • Log metabolic rate, fat ratio and all that stuff on my sexy Diet Doctors scales
    • Measurements every 4 weeks at the class
    • Progress at the gym
    So at least my success can be measured in different ways

    But still would love some advice please.
    And encouragement would be nice!
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  3. iceycold

    iceycold Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi Christine,
    from what I remember of foundation, the ladies that were well over that age - actually retired, definitely lost faster than I did. I put it down to them having more time to exercise, they always seemed to be taking long walks in the country or days gardening.
    Do you have less to lose this time, are you starting at a lower weight?
    Has anything else changed about your lifestyle since you did Lipotrim?
    Stick at it, you don't say how long you've been on LL, it may all drop off one week and surprise you.
    It's worth it, it works and you'll fel great

  4. LadyLovesLilac

    LadyLovesLilac Full Member

    My start weight for both times was around the 18stone - give or take a few pounds.

    Would say that lifestyle is pretty much the same - tho instead of sitting down on a train for 4hours a day I sit indoors instead!

    Have just started the gym but thats in the last 2 weeks

    1 week lost 10 lbs
    2 week lost 5 lbs
    3 week lost 3 lbs
    4 week lost 2 lbs
    5 week lost 3 lbs

    thats where I am now
  5. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

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    LL suggests an average of 3lb a week, and so far yours is over this, so Id say dont worry, you're doing brill x
  6. iceycold

    iceycold Full Member

    Lighter Life
    I think you're doing brill, there may be a bit of converting fat to muscle going on as well if you have just joined the gym, muscle weighs more, but in the long run it also burns more calories.
    Did you do the gym last time?
    I think you results are fine for LL, don't know much about Lipotrim, but 23lbs in 5 weeks is great. Well done.
  7. hadley

    hadley Member

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    On 3rd day of LL, not having the pulpartations like a did yesturday, slept better last night, bit moody and very tearfull today,hope tommorow gets better, not really hungry, well no more then if not in LL, if i see a big difference at my first weigh in, then it would all be worth it, and as everyone says it edges you on for the next week!!!!!!!ANY ADVICE?
  8. jcjazzy

    jcjazzy Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Christine, I think your losses are excellent if you look at the overall picture.Don't lose heart and drink loads of water.You'll get there xx
  9. greenfish

    greenfish Member

    Lighter Life

    don't think an IF for your 1st weigh in

    see it through now, believe me it gets easier but dont expect it to be all plain sailing.

    I feel fine, good at the moment coming upto my 2nd weigh in but I had a few blips to get there and its not worth it
    believe me
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