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is 4lb loss normal on week 2-dissappointed


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Hi all, I have just had my 2nd weigh in and lost 4lbs and I know this is a good loss but I have a lot to lose and thought for the initial 1-3 weeks it would be a bit higher.

I lost 13lbs my first week so I knew it would be a lot lower this week, just not 4lb. Am I expecting to much? I keep telling myself that it's 17lb in 2 weeks and not to moan. If it's 4lb every week it will be fab but if it drops any lower than that already I am gonna feel really down in the dumps.:( Zoe x
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Hi Zoe, i think thats a good:ploss. If you carry on losing that every week it will soon mount up. It might change again next week and you lost an awful lot last week. chin up, it is great.xxxxxLouie:)

I weigh in in 2 hours, just think, i've got more than you to lose and i would have to lose 11lbs just to keep up with you, as they say--FAT CHANCE---xxx


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Hey Louie -good luck hon. Let me know how you get on. Zoe x
I should be home about 7 so i'll post it on here, then you will feel so much better Zoe as i know full well there a cats chance in hell i'll be able to catch up with you hon xxxx:) it would be nice though.:rolleyes:


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Louie, there are gonna be weeks when you lose more than me and vice versa but as long as we both end where we wanna be and can compare hip bones lol that's all that matters-I'm sure I still have them in there somewhere:giggle:Zoe x
Hip bones, what are they.:confused: xxx
i dont think there is a 'normal' weight loss. what i tell my ladies is that they should expect a stone a month AFTER week 1. so dont count week one in your calculations as this can vary greatly between people.

so a stone a month from week 2 onwards is 14 lbs a mth, 7 lbs each fortnight, 3.5 lbs a week and about half a lb a day...

as long as you are on track for approx 14lbs per mth do not worry, and you are up on the 3.5 per week... so well done!

i have people who tend to lose fortnightly, ie 5lbs week 2 and then 2lbs week 3 then 5lbs again week 4 and 2lbs again week 5... etc etc

look at the bigger picture and you will not get bogged down by weekly losses, they all add up!

I Zoe, I think your weight loss is brilliant. I'm aiming for 2-3lbs a week. I know you have more to lose but if you keep it up at that rate you'll be thin in no time. I worked it out and you will be near goal by Christmas! That's brilliant. And then a few weeks after to get really thin. I think that's so worth it. I was tidying today and I found my SW record card from last year and it took me 12 weeks to lose what it's taken me in 2 on CD. So think of it this way, if you had half the amount to lose just now it would take you longer on any other diet than to lose what you've got just now on CD! That's amazing, I think.

Also thank you cdc for post, I found that really encouraging too.
Louie lou, I can't wait to hear your results tonight. Go on our thread too! xxx
I hear a lot of people worry about a 2lb a week loss because they feel the diet is so restrictive and they could do something like WW or SW and lose that. The difference is that with other diets there is often a plateau or because you're not in ketosis you still feel hungry even though you can have the occasional treat.

That is why I'd still be pleased with a 2lb loss every week! I don't feel deprived at the moment, I feel free from thinking about food. Every other diet I've done I've thought about food constantly, but not on CD.

You are doing superbly well so far. An amazing first week loss and I think 4lbs in your second week is fab as well!!! Keep going and you'll be at goal before you know it :) x
Hi Watergirl, I'm interested in what you just said about being free from thinking about food. I start week 3 tomorrow and I'm still constantly craving food and thinking about it.Were you like that at my stage adn does that get better?
Hi Broxi, don't get me wrong, occasionally I have head cravings. What I mean is that in the past I thought about food constantly. I would get up in the morning and think 'what's for breakfast' and then plan lunch as soon as I'd had it.

My life revolved around food. Holidays were less about where to go and more about what I could eat. Same with days out.

Since doing CD after you get past genuine hunger, the rest are just head cravings. They can be intense, but they're not constant. Well they aren't as constant for me as when I wasn't on CD.

When you say constant what do you mean because I might have a different definition of it than you. I think physical hunger makes you think about food, but head cravings are habit. After a while they will go. I think it takes about 28 days for your brain to change a habit. So perhaps after 28 days of not eating you will forget about food?

It will happen, but you're doing great already :)
That's amazing Watergirl, I also plan days out and holidays around food and that's sick. But this is what I really want from this diet, almost as much as the weight loss, is for food to have its proper and healthy place in my life because that is the reason I am fat. You have encouraged me so much. Thank you xxx
You're more than welcome :)


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Zoe I think you are doing really well - I'd be over the moon with 17lb in 2 weeks. I agree with the CDC, think of the big picture, 4lb a week turns into 1 stone a month. Which is a dress size - fantastic!!!

Watergirl, I'm enjoying CD now for the same reasons, I like it that I don't have to think about my next meal and I hope that my brain will re-set itself so that food doesn't come back to be the focal point of my day. I always buy a guide book of my holiday destination, primarily so that I can find the best restaurants and plan my day around that :eek:

No more! I'll be planning my day around the most picturesque view :)
About this food obsession thing, I just started reading a book tonight called "Take It Off and Keep It Off" by Overeaters Anonymous people and that's eactly what it is about - getting rid of the obsession and giving food its proper and healthy place in your life. I do everything around food. Like you, I even pick my holidays cos of restaurants etc. A day out without a luch isn't a treat for me. So far the book says that because we will always crave food it is about replacing food with other things- like you said a view or whatever. I think I'll make a thread about it cos I'm sure it's interesting to everyone as we're all fat cos we have an unhealthy relationship with food. What do you think?


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Hey Zoe. I think you need to put things into perspective because that is a BRILLIANT loss. I mean it's taken me four weeks to lose 17lbs and you've done it in half the time, if you think it's rubbish then how am I meant to feel lol... I'm over the moon with my loss because you don't get these results with other diets. I don't think you should say 4lbs is good, anything less is bad, because on SS sometimes you get 3lbs, often even 2lbs.

The average loss IS a stone a month so it would be realistic to say you could lose 4 pounds for two weeks, 3 pounds for the other two weeks. I don't think you should put such high expectations on your body as you'll only feel let down. I try to see 2lbs or more as a great loss. 1lb I am disappointed with, but as long as it's a one off I won't let it get in my way.

I know sometimes if you have a long way to go you want big losses, but there is only so much your body can do. Stick with aiming for a stone a month, any more is a bonus, anything (significantly) less is still good but gives you a kick up the backside. This is quicker than other diets, but still takes time. The way I like to think of it is, I had years of eating whatever I wanted, a few months or even one year of eating healthily is nothing, and really I can't expect any short cuts out of this. I overate because I was greedy and didn't do enough exercise to compensate because I was lazy, it is my fault, and I'm going to have to go through a bit of hardship to be healthy again, if I want a slim body I'm going to have to work for it!

Good luck for your next weigh in, hope you get the loss you want :) xxx


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I personally would be delighted with 4lb per week - as everyone has said it translate toa stone a month - obviously with such a large loss in the first week you will be feeling that you could have a large one every time. Well done xxxx


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Hi there!

looking at the last six weeks, week two was definately the hardest.. yes, week one was tough, but I was enthusiastic, and knew it would be a big challenge with big rewards.. Week two I started to loose some of the initial motivation, and had to fall back on it being a new way of life for a little while.. I was also still missing the comfort eating at that stage...

By week three though.. I started to feel much better.. and it's just got easier and easier since.. people often say the first couple of weeks or so are the hardest, and I agree so far... in fact, I can understand people saying that they start to get scared of having to eat meals again after the first 12 weeks.. but I guess it's one step at a time.... it REALLY starts to be more enjoyable when you start feeling and seeing the difference :D

I've averaged 4 pounds a week since the start (except week one), and I'm very happy with that.. had a couple of weeks with a two pound loss, and then had an eight pound loss in one week, so it's all balanced out to 4pounds a week since the start...

if you stay 100% SoleSource, drink loads of water, and go for the occasional walk YOU CANNOT FAIL to loose the weight :D

Keep us posted on how you're getting on!



Keep on trying
Ooh... enough - I like the way you have listed out your potential target dates - its very sensible and logical - and I think I will do the same once I have a few weeks loss to make an average. Thank you

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