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is a bit gutted!

i've lost just over a stone in 3 weeks, but it was my fourth weigh in on Saturday and I was gutted to see that I have stayed the same :mad: I havn't strayed away from the plan at all. The only explanation I can find it that is was my * week. It's a real pain in butt being a woman! I was on such a roll before last week too!
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17lb in 3 weeks is an average of 5.6lb a week. Over 4 weeks that averages 4.25lb a week.

Recommended weight loss is 1-2lb a week although many people lose more in their first week or two.

If you continued to lose at over 4lb a week you would be doing your body harm. I reckon this is your body's way of 'adapting' to the way you are eating now and is absolutely nothing to worry about.

If you carry on sticking to the plan you will carryon losing weight but at a steadier pace.

Hope that makes sense xx


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I agree with suepat10.
You cannot possibly maintain that huge weight loss indefinitely.
It took me 4 months to lose my first stone and overall my weight loss averaged at a pound a week.
My second and third weeks were STS but I stuck to it as I know SW works.
Just be happy to lose 1-2 pounds a week, which is the healthy and long lasting way.
Good luck!

Mrs V

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I have to agree with the others Hun. Your body has suddenly realised that you have lost a huge amount of weight in such a short space of time and is now holding on to the rest...dont panic though, it will come off, but expect an average of 1-2lbs as Sue has said..this is the norm.

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hun its ok we all would love to get this weight off quick but its not good for us and the quicker we do it the harder it is when we r struggling cause we expect big losses then to and then we give up.
theres no race u r gonna be slim for the rest of your life if u put pressure on yourself to lose it fast u will give up when u don't.
chances r u didn't lose cause its star week and your body getting used to the diet hun keep it up u r doing really well. i'm sure u will lose this week hun but maybe abit less than what u r used to but thats ok. if u only lose a pound a week that doesn't sound much but in 14 weeks which is may btw u will be a stone lighter take your current weight and takeaway a stone and thats what u would be with only a pound if u lose more thats a bonus
good luck hun

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