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is anybody there?

Just wondering if anybody still on or just started DC. I was on it before Christmas but have cheated loads. Have started again this week but not lost weight and not so keen on the food this time around.
Are any of my old pals there? Or I'm up for new pals too!
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just started DIET CHEF

Hi there, anyone started Diet Chef? I am on day one after being a veteran of practically every other diet going (LL (twice); SW (twice); WW (about 7 times since I was 17!); CD (3 times).
Found day one OK, food was tasty and beat the concretey milkshakes on the VLCDs!!
I'm hoping to start Diet Chef tomorrow, my pack is ordered and hopefully will be delivered early enough tomorrow for me to start that day.
I've been a yo-yo dieter for about 6 years, keep losing loads but it goes back on so much quicker than it comes off. I've done CD twice, WW twice, Slimfast 100+ times, SL once but always get bored of the milkshakes or the inconvenience of cooking healthy low fat meals just for myself. Hoping that the food is tasty enough as I love the thought of the convenience of it all. Still don't know if the food comes in packs for you to freeze or if it's vaccuum packed or dried and you have to reconstitute it - if anyone could help?


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the packs aren't freezeable but you can heat either in the microwave or on the hob, no adding water to them unlessthe soup is too thick :D. they have such a long shelf life as well. I pop them in some old arts and crafts wooden boxes that we have and they are fine in there, so no special storing required.

Just open heat sort out some veg to go with and then eat. and enjoy of course lol ;)
Hi Shep,
I'm from Sittingbourne, been here just over 3 years now, lived just outside Reading for 2 years and am originally from Lancashire.
Where abouts in Kent are you?


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Hi SammyH, i hail from Strood but was born in Iwade. My hubby's family live in Wigan,Lancs. So it seems we have some things in common apart from wanting to lose some weight lol.

Hope it is going okay with you and your pack arrives quickly for you.

Reading your replies is like reading something I had written; I have been a yoyo dieter and like you have done CD twice, WW 3 times , SW once but the same as you, got bored of the milkshakes or the inconvenience of cooking healthy low fat meals just for myself, its got to the point that i cant stand Milkshakes and I know DC do them but not been brave enough to try them.

Good luck and speak soon x
Hi shep, fallen off the wagon again but need to get my butt in gear again. I'm so fat now. VLCD I did last year and now back to pre-diet weight and growing! So need to stick to Diet Chef. Maybe tomorrow?
Hope you're doing well and good luck to any new starts too. Will be back in touch soon hopefully xxx


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Diet chef is precooked food delivered to your door, it has breakfast, lunch and dinner and all you have to do is add fruit and veg.

Its tasty and filling too, I remember when i opened my first brekkie and thought no way is this gonna fill me up but it did.

The meals are all calorie counted and all you have to do is pop in the micro for a few mins add your veg, pasta or salad and munch away.

Good food very tasty. love the beef casserole just like a stew without the dumplings lol

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