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Is anyone 10stone or under?i need help!

hi everyone!
i have reached 10stone, does this mean i have to stop sole source? My counseller has not told me too but some miniminions have!!! What diet do i need to go on?? im so confused. i was happy doing solesource, i thought i could do it till i reach my target of 8stone 7llbs!

would luv 2 hear ur views

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Hiya, as Isobel said in the other thread you cant SS, she is a CDC so she knows!

to do LL you have to be 3 stone overweight, so you definately wouldnt qualify for that....have you thought about any of the higher calorie CD programs?

The information on the other thread is 100% accurate.

You should not be doing SS if your BMI is less than 1 stone over BMI 25 that equals BMI 27.

You should therefore with a BMI of 25 be on the 1000 calorie programme.

The only exception to this would be if you were Asian as the BMI values work slightly differently.

That does make a difference.

You are now a stone over BMI 23.5 so the rule re BMI 25 applies here, the numbers just go down slightly.

At BMI 25 you are a stone over BMI 23.5 or thereabouts. I would suggest next week you do 3 days AAM and 4 days 790 then move on to 1000 cal part a the following week and work through stabilisation through to maintenance.

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I have been reading the comments and I have to say I am a bit confused or I may have got the wrong end of the stick.

My goal weight is approx 8-81/2 stone whihc is at the lower end of my healthy BMI. At the end of my 100 days I should (if all goes well) reach 9st 10 as I had a start weight of 14 stone 4. ( stone 10 will alos be within my healthy range & actually somewhere in the middle I think.

My LLC says that our goal weight is up to us & if we do not reach it at the end of 100 days then we can carry SSing until we do get there. Which means I planned to do just that for another 8 weeks & then move onto management. From what I understand from reading your posts, you seem to indicate that this is not correct?

Can anyone clarify this for me.

Thanks:confused: :confused:

The rules of LL are different to CD. With LL as you are supervised and blood pressure etc checked every four weeks you can continue longer without food and to a lower BMI.

This can happen with CD but only if there is special written consent from the GP, and it does have to be your own GP who has access to your history and diagnostics. However, it is recommended that food be introduced after a 4 week period.

Babyphat is on CD although she has posted in this section.

Hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

S: 14st6lb C: 14st6lb G: 9st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh thanks for that - I was begining to worry, that makes sense now.

thanks for your reply. if i go on a 1000 calorie program then can i eat anything as long as it adds up to 1000 calories in the day? How will i get in to ketosis with such high calories?plz help!



Serial Foodie!
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babyphat, ur CDC should have gone thru all this with you. Have u got the booklet which tells u all about CD? it has the different plans in there. I would ring ur CDC tomorrow and tell her what ur concerns are. i dont think its very good that u have got so close to target and she hasnt mentioned anything u need to know.


thanx karen, you are right. im annoyed because if i was allowed to stay on sole source i could have lost the weight alot faster. if i go on the 1000cal it will probably take me ages!
Hi Babyphat

As Karen has said you really should be told this by your counsellor, but the 1000 plan is nothing to worry about. I came off SS when my BMI came down towards 25 and spent a week on 790, then two weeks on 1000 and one weeks on 1200 and during these four weeks I lost my last half stone to reach my goal.

Yes your weight loss slows down but you'll still average around 2 lbs per week. You won't be in ketosis on 1000, but having those extra calories makes such a difference and you'll find it difficult to eat so much at the beginning.

In your yellow book it shows a plan of what to eat, you still have 2 shakes a day for nutrition plus a breakfast, salad for lunch and an evening meal. It really is enjoyable to get back to having some food and still lose weight. Remember that 1000 cal diet is still quite low.

Speak to your counsellor and hopefully they'll guide you in the right direction. It's not worth sabotaging your health at this stage by continuing to SS.

Hope that helps

thank you 4 ur reply.it was really helpful. i will move on to 1000cals.= because i only lose around 2llbs a week on sole source anyway so i might as well eat and lose the same amount of weight in the same time. I just have 1 more question, on 1000 cals can u eat anything as long as it adds up 2 1000cals or does it make a difference if u choose high fat/high carb foods?



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