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in need of help:(

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Littleslimmingbee, 1 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Hello lovely slimming worlders.

    Some of you may recognise me..

    I have reached a real low, having gained all my weight back. I've had a rough year and just can't seem to stop. I've returned to class a few times but it seems to do more harm than good, so im seeking out support here.

    I really, really need to get this weight off. It's making me really sad and holding me back. And I'm not a good role model to my daughter which is heartbreaking for me.

    I think it'll be a long process.. but minimins was such a great source of support for me, I hope it'll be what I need this time. I am totally ashamed of myself.

    F x

    P.s, how do I change my signature? ?
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  3. SallyVater

    SallyVater Gold Member

    Hello. I'm on my iPad so can't see your stats but I sympathise with you completely. I'm just coming back to the plan after 8 months of complete pigging out and gaining all my weight back again. :-(

    I'm only a week in but I lost 6.5 lbs last week and I'm sure part of that success is down to returning to minimins! Writing a diary helps me immensely - it keeps me on track and accountable in some way.
  4. StephC84

    StephC84 Member

    Good luck Fern and welcome back x
  5. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    Fern really well done on getting back to it, that takes courage :) good luck
  6. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    You can change your signature by clicking into 'Subscribed threads' (along the very top bar on the page) then scroll down on the left hand side there's a 'edit signature' option, click on there and when you've changed it, press 'save signature'.

    Lots of us have gained all our weight back (I have twice!), it's perfectly normal, so try not to be ashamed. Make this your new starting point and scrap what went on before, as it will only bring negative thoughts, you have to stay positive to move forward.

    Well done on coming back. :)
  7. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    Hi, good luck for your journey ahead. You're in the right place :)
  8. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Thank you Hippopotamum - Somehow I sussed it just after posting!

    Thanks to all who replied. I'm going to spend some time floating about the board and maybe even starting a new diary.

    Hippopotamum, When you re lost the weight, was it harder? I can't get over the difference.

    I was also very gutted to remember I only had 1.5st to loose after baby was born. .. how stupid I was, should have got my act together then.
  9. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    Welcome back- I am a long term member on here so that should tell you something!

    Wipe the past behind and go forward with this journey. All the best! Xx
  10. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    If I'd paid attention I would have spotted that. :p

    You just need to get yourself back to where you were last time you lost weight, and honestly you have to stop beating yourself up about it, it only makes you feel bad about yourself and that tends to make us feel sad and want to eat, well... rubbish! So try not to focus on what could have been and where you were and try to just make this your new starting point.

    I lost 6st the first time, but I gained double (12 stone!) back, and you've not gained anywhere near that much, so you're doing great! lol!

    I don't think it was harder to lose the next time, but I've been to slimming clubs loads of times and not lost anything because I wasn't in the right frame of mind. The twice I did lose substantial amounts of weight something just seemed right, my head was in the right place, and as you'll know, once you're there it's half the battle. I'm hoping to stay that way this time, as I have a long way to go... again! lol! :) x
  11. misspinky8

    misspinky8 Full Member

    I'm back to where i was before with an added 3 lbs so i know exactly how you feel. I just keep trying to remember how good it felt when i lost all the weight, the energy, the compliments and the smaller clothes! I want it back so I'm starting again and its achievable. Mind over matter! :)
  12. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    I'm only a newbie so my input may not mean so much but be proud in the knowledge you've done it before so you can definitely do it again :D good luck x
  13. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    Oooh, I've just seen your sig. Do you have a new baby? :D
  14. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Welcome back Fern! I remember you - you did really well and you can again, so don't worry. I put all my weight back on too and am now battling to get it off again - sounds like there's a few of us in the same boat. Good luck and hope to see more of you on the boards.
  15. tracejovi

    tracejovi Full Member

    Hi Fern!!

    I remember you well. I was around when you were. Like you, I had big changes in my life and put all the weight back on, plus a few pounds more. Something has clicked in my head just recently -possibly a holiday in Tenerife in September to look forward to - and the weight has started coming off again, so I hope the same happens for you.

    Good luck!!

    Tracy xxx
  16. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Krupskaya & tracejovi .. HI!! ..Are elle/honeyoc/britmum still about too? And the rest :-D

    Sorry to hear your in the same boat Tracey, it's a bit **** isn't it.

    Ready to get cracking tomorrow. Let's get it done.

    Mumpsimus, no.. not really lol .. She's 2.5 now. It's a bit mad... was here pre pref.. through and just after then lost the plot with the plan. She's an absolute gem, she's my best friend! We'd like to add to the family and so need to get back on track big-time.

    Xxxxx thanks for the warm welcome ladies.. tis like coming home!
  17. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    She sounds lovely! I have a little one too, a year younger, and like you would like to slim before trying for another. I'd also like to be a fit mummy :)

    Glad you're feeling positive :-D Good luck for tomorrow x
  18. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    I'm just really aware that I want to be a positive role model for her. I don't want her growing up with a mum who has a negative body image or remembering me constantly dieting you know? I need to crack it now.

    Just started a new diary, eep! Thank you for your support xxxx
  19. Ladybird66

    Ladybird66 Member

    Hi :sign0144: so hope you don't mind me joining the thread. I completely understand how you feel, I lost my weight about 2 years ago, but over the last 6 months has been slowly creeping up on me until my jeans now matter what shapes and contortions I got myself in just wouldn't meet in the middle!! I found this forum and have to say I think it is great, full of support and motivation and we should never feel alone!

    Now I am in need of :help2: I have just completed my 3rd week and did great in the first two weeks losing a total of 9lbs and my jeans were looking less scary! Unfortunately at the start of my 3rd week my dad was taken into hospital after a stroke and although I have managed to stick to the plan without too much incident (previously this would have had me reaching for the chocolate by the bucket full....I have managed to stay away!!) my stomach seems to have grown so much so it looks bigger than it did before I lost the 9lbs (jeans have retreated into their shell...whats happening to me??? :confused:
  20. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Oh ladybird!! I'm so very sorry to hear about your dad.

    Have you kept a food diary so that you definitely know you've been on track? Stress can make you blind to all those extras! If you have it may be in your head a bit- I find if I'm low I'm much more negative in myself and you've had two excellent weeks you will have been feeling tip top! You may be pleasantly surprised come weigh in. . . . Or is it possibly impending star week??? ..9lbs is awesome honey! What a great start Xxxxx
  21. Ladybird66

    Ladybird66 Member

    Thank you so much FernXx - although it has been a difficult week I was determined to keep a food diary and have stuck to it although some days haven't had my HEXs but in terms of syns stayed on track. Also been drinking loads of water. I was wondering if it could be down to stress as I do suffer from IBS? so think you might be right about it being in my head :crazy: xx

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