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Is anyone doing Sw to try and lose weight to concieve?

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hi kissme

im wanting to lose weight before trying for no.3. i was about a stone heavier than what i am now when i conceived no.1 and 2 stone heavier when preg with no.2. even tho i really enjoyed being preg, i didnt look preg if you get me. i was just fat. both times my neighbours didnt know i was preg until i had the baby. how embarressing. so i am determined to get some weight off so that my next pregnancy i will look preg and not just fat...

good luck to you on your journey... x
Hi , im am losing weight for two reasons - to be healthy and to have a baby ( more baby when im feeling very brudy lol) Me and my partner have been trying for well over a year and nothing has happened ( which is VERY frustrating and some what soul destroying) but anyway i think this is the way to go and me being so over weight is the only difference since i fell pregnant the first time :) x
I am not TTC any more, but the first time I lost a significant amount of weight was for that reason. We had been trying for 2 years, nothing was happening, I was referred to the fertility clinic. I had been on the depo injection which is why I waited 2 years before seeking help - I knew it could take a year to get out of your system.

Anyway, much testing and a few cycles of clomid later - nothing happened. They told me to lose some weight because they thought I might need an op on my ovaries - hovered around a PCOS diagnosis. When they weighed me that day I was 21 st 2. I was mortified but I found this determination from somewhere, and went immediately to the supermarket after the hospital appointment and bought nothing but healthy foods. I was terrified of having a general anaesthetic because I had never had to have one so I set out to get lower than the weight they had recommended I be to be safer under it, which was 17 1/2 stone - when I called them to make a new appointment I was 15 stone 2. My cycle had begun to show up again a little bit more often than the never it was showing up before.

Because this had changed, they decided to try me on the Clomid again. Third cycle was the winner and my DD was born 9 months later. (I had just been to pick up the prescription for the fourth - sixth cycles the day before I found out because I was convinced it hadnt worked).

After she was born, I breastfed her and also continued to eat healthier, and dropped down to 12st 10. I didnt believe I could concieve naturally so it came as somewhat of a shock to find I was expecting again just after my 33rd birthday.

I hope you dont mind me sharing this, I just wanted to give you some hope that losing weight CAN make a significant difference in the help that they can give you and the success of the treatment.

Giant hugs to you all - I know exactly how hard it is to go through each month with nothing, and how hard it is when those around you seemingly fall pregnant at the drop of a hat - and I hope that none of you have to suffer that for too much longer and achieve your dreams.

Good luck :)


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This is precisely my reasons for losing weight.
I have been told I have PCOS and I havent had a ttom for years. Im only 23. =/
I have been broody for years too.
Now im married and want a family but nothing is happening so Im giving myself about a year to get down to a good weight then its baby time.

Madame, your story is so inspirational. Its so nice to see it can happen! Congratualtions to you!


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We've been ttc for a while now and nothing is happening and its because of the weight, i've been tested for pcos a few times but they are negative which is a good thing, however according to my clear blue fertility monitor i'm not ovulating. I'm too scared to go to the doctors for tests and they'd prob just tell me to lose weight anyway.
Thanks you everyone for sharing! It's lovely to hear that you had such a success Madame! I'm not ready for a child (financially we need to straighten a few bits out first) But I would really love a baby. As a person I'm ready and a qualified nany with 6 years expirience (I know it isn't in the slightest like being a mum) but me and OH have been TTC for almost 3 years.

He has obviously been tested (much less invasive than me getting tested to start with) and was told every thing was perfectly fine.

I know I'm really overweight and you will probs think I'm horrid now but I see people walking around twice the size of me with babies! everywhere I seem to look its pregnant women and babies and all I ever hear is "well i only forgot my pill once" and that just rubs salt in the wound even more.

I have even starting ignoring my frineds with newborns and actually hating ( i know its strong but its true) and resent pregnant/women with newborns.

My doctor wants me to wait until I am completely healthy to have a baby so the pregnancy is as easy as poss.

So she has refused to look into any from of testing on me until my bmi is under 30 which I can understand and she just wants the best for me.

I had anothe bombshell dropped on me today that has rocked the baby boat even more and it's that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and M.E just like my mum.

I want to lose weight now because give it 10 years and I may not be fit enough or well enough to have a child and that has really scared me today!

Sorry for the rant ladies but I suppose it's about time I spoke about instead of bottling it up and crying every time i see a baby or pregnant women on the telly.
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I'm not trying to conceive at the moment but would like to in the next 3-4 years. I'm a student midwife and know all too well the complications with conceiving and also pregnancy with a BMI over 30. It is through my training that I have realised I want to be a slim pregnant woman and mother. I want to be able to have a 'normal' low-risk pregnancy and a natural normal birth, which if your BMI is over 30 (35 in some trusts) this choice is made difficult and often taken away from you. Good luck to everyone trying, and you never know I might see some of you in the future, and even deliver your baby! :) x
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Yes I am kissme :)... I obviously want to be healthy but want a baby so badly it hurts. I have pcos which makes it even harder and being overweight makes it worse. I feel like you everyone seems to be having babies lately and it leaves me so upset.
I have lost 2 stone 1/2lb and I am starting to feel better about myself, I have a long way to go but now thinking about having a baby does not seem so impossible anymore. I have been pregnant in the past and miscarried so it's possible just need to get the weight off.
I too have seen mothers much bigger than me and think it's just not fair why them and not me, anyway sorry for the long post but I know exactly what you mean and really feel for people who are in the same situation as me because I know how much it hurts.
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Im in the same situation as well im currently on Clomid 150mg but need to lose weight for when i go back to the clinic im currently 2st 2 down so definitely heading in the right direction now xx
aint ttc but been there did that and imho the more weight u can lose the easier u will find it they told me i had more chance winning the lottery than falling without help from ivf well for me that was it i would never have kids went away and started planing this holiday that holiday and lost some weight and ha ho along pops baby 1 and 5 years later baby 2 so there is hope ladies keep doing the weight lose thing and u just never know when it will be ur turn hope u are all as lucky as me hugs to all :)
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Hi - Just thought I'd say Hi and yes this is one of my big reasons :)
:) I sometimes feel like an alien! but it's nice to know thato ther people are doing it for similar reasons! lol we should start our own team!! lol

team mummy wannabes! jks lol


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almost good as my miltf in training t-shirt lol ...dont ask lol
Lol, I want one.

I'm not really trying to concieve just yet but me and my partner would like to within the next few years and part of my weight loss is to make that possible. Just thought I'd say a quick thanks to all of you for sharing though, it's very inspiring :)