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is anyone else a bit sceptical of EE??

HI guys, ive just bneen reading about the new fangles Extra easy diet. It seems a bit too good to be true to me?? does aNYone else feel like that?? so could you do EE everyday, and have just one a and 1 b box? and just give up the green and red day thing???? that is the question!!
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is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i'm not a fan hon it makes me cheat i like my bread too much XX
it just seems a bit too good to be true??? ive just put a bid on ebay for the book so i can investigate further!! lol xxx


soon to be skinny minnie
Oh i love ee plan, i have been doing it all the time. Though last weekend right through to yesterday i was really bad which explains my gain, however i have had good losses on ee. I haven't done a red or green day since the start of the year.
oh really? thats good, i will try for a week and see how my losses go. its a bit difficult as i dont go to class so just peicing together what i have to do from everyones posts x


soon to be skinny minnie
Give it a go and see if you like it or not. Basically its one a oneb all free food and lowest syn value.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
IT DOES WORK CAUSE I LOST 4 but i found it harder to stick too XXX


soon to be skinny minnie
Ah see i don't bother much with bread and i use my hexa for milk and i don't bother with cheese so much so i find it easy to stick to x
I felt very unsure about EE when I rejoined in January but in 3 weeks, I have lost 5 1/2 lbs!

Ok, my losses have been more when doing green days but I just luv EE and the freedom it gives! I can honestly say, I don't feel like I'm on a diet!

So long as I can lose a 1lb a week, I'll be happy! I don't crave foods on EE like I did when doing green days and it fits in so well with family meals.

Could go on!!Lol.
I like it too. plus my oh doesnt get confused on what day i am on and and we just have normal meals.

its just really simple and doesnt feel like you are on a diet.
Im still a sceptic Im afraid! I would rather stick to what I know works for me.


Silver Member
I like it, but I had 3 EE days last week, I stuck to the plan 100% and only lost 1/2 a pound. So I don't think it agrees with me and my way of eating (i.e. lots!). I think I'll just use it for the odd 'treat' day here and there now.
Before EE was introduced I think the way I ate on SW was EE anyway...

My HEXbs were always potatoes on a red day and meat on a green day. So not much has changed for me and I love it. Feels 'normal' to me, if you know what I mean.
I'm loving extra easy, although it's the plan I started SW on so that may be why I like it because I've never tried Red/Green. But if I'm honest if I was to do another plan I'd probs do the Mix2Max or Success Express as I'm a meat & carbs girl lol, can't really do one or the other. I've lost 4lbs in 3 weeks, & that included 2 not so behaved weeks. xx


No Coffee, No Workee
I was a bit cynical about it before I tried it, but have lost 2.5lb in two weeks on it, so it's all good. :)
interesting points everyone.... i am still a bit sceptical and think i will stick to what i know, exept for the odd day when im invited out for dinner etc..... my mum in law goes to slimming world meets and is convinced that its all a con to keep you going back to class as it slows down the weight loss???? im not really a beliver of her theory to be honest, but possibly an interesting debate????
Why would a business that is built upon helping people lose weight suddenly introduce a plan that was created to sabotage members weight losses? Members would simply lose heart and not return. Not good for business! I think MIL is getting a bit carried away lol.

I don't see what the big fuss is about really. I couldn't have an original day if I wasn't allowed potatoes as a HEXb and I can only last so long with pasta/rice/potatoes without any meat to go with it!

But that's not to say green days don't work for me or original days don't. I just adapt what I eat to match the plan and my needs. EE should be just like that too. Or maybe I have just took to it easier that others?
I think the name of the plan is implying that you'll lose weight at a slower pace, at least that's what it leads me to believe. Extra Easy meaning that it's an easier diet to stick to but because it's so easy, weight loss will be slower?? Is it just me that thinks of it that way?
Hi All

I am going to be doing a full EE week this week!!

Will update my loss if any next Monday!

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