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is anyone else a fussy eater?


Slow but sure....
No I'm not.....maybe I wouldn't be here now if I was a fussy eater, LOL....

I've not tried the red leicester sausages but the other quorn sausages are good so they should be as well, I hope you enjoy them.
Unfortunately I'm not a fussy eater either. Keep trying new foods as you go and you will soon find more things you like. Good luck with your weight loss.


A moaning old boot!!!!
I can be a fussy eater but since starting SW my taste buds seem to have woken up a bit. I try new things and usually like them and I dont seemt o like greasy things anymore. Just try new things and experiment a bit....just give yourself time!! :)
Personally I don't like Quorn - gives me indigestion - but loads of people swear by it and it is certainly incredibly useful stuff as quite a lot of their products are free on both red and green days. The sausages you mentioned are half a syn each. But lots of Quorn stuff is not free, and some of their ready-prepared stuff is very high in syns - check your directory or the website. Our consultant keeps a list of Quorn products and their syn values on the table where we queue to get weighed - it is very useful.

If you want to try new things have a look at the A-Z list of free foods in the Eat and Slim section of the SW website - it has loads of ideas.

good luck!


wants a body to love!
quorn is ok but i prefer syn free sausages. And like you i am a fussy eater, i dont like salad, fish, eggs and quite a lot of fruits. lol! i used to hate peppers onions mushrooms n strawberries but since being on sw i just eat them. I always make sure that its got flavour to it. as for strawberries i wud sooner hav choc but hey its sweet. good luck tryin new stuff :]
I'm not fussy at all but there are things I don't like and I do keep trying them. I can't get on with olives or quorn, but I keep trying! Over the last few years I have learned to like courgette, aubergine, beetroot to name a few and I hated them before!!
keep on trying - there's a fantastic food world out there!

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